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  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:44

Was continued for Healthy Walking Events

Was continued for Healthy Walking Events
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Malatya, directors and managers of public institutions and organizations , took part in a healthy walk .

Malatya news:
Provincial Directorate of Public Health , organized by the healthy walking event under the Malatya Deputy Governor Ahmet Sait cunning and public institutions and organizations with managers of managers did walk .
Walking reporters after the description contained in the Provincial Public Health Director Dr. Kemal Sener, \"2014, Ministry of Health of Turkey Public Health Agency by the'Healthy Life and Motion Year'was announced as . We at in this context, events are doing. 2,014 in the year to October, every month on the last Sunday of healthy walking activities was organizing . As of October , every weekend different institutions and organizations in a host of healthy hiking activities will continue to . Malatya institutions and organizations together with the managers we're walking , \"he said .
\"our people , have forgotten wALK remind \"
Sener, citizens have forgotten walking reminder healthy for hiking activities will continue , said:\"in our country, obesity is increasing. increase of the obesity just a cosmetic concern , but health problems along with it brings about . especially diabetes, cardio-vascular and cardio-skeletal diseases are caused . Technologies with the progress of a still life of our people has been increasing steadily . We as the Public Health Agency , show that it is harmful to health , especially in terms of our people have forgotten to remind you of walking are doing these kinds of activities , \"he said .

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