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  • 13 Eylül 2013, Cuma 01:37

Was named the world's ugliest animals

Was named the world's ugliest animals
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The result of a vote in the world's ugliest animals 'drop fish' was known as the Blobfish.

INTERNET NEWS The Ugly fish that looks like a gel-fluid Animal Protection Association, will be the mascot.

association that is in danger of extinction is not so cute ancak'pandalar için'korunmaya organized a poll to take care of animals taken.

generation of association için'korunmaya ancak'pandalar not as cute as the endangered animals are not held a vote to take care of.

anyone can vote themselves comedians making propaganda in support of the election campaign videos uploaded to YouTube by selecting an animal to .

British Science Festival in Newcastle, according to the results described in the drop of the ugliest fish hayvanı'unvanını alarak'dünyanın won 10 thousand votes.

'nasties in the protected'

Ugly Animal Protection Society from the biologist and BBC television presenter Simon Watt is hopeful that the campaign drawing attention to other species strange and wonderful, he said.

Watt:"The traditional approach to protection egotistical. Panda seems like the only cute animals receive protection. How much need to protect the habitats of animals that are important no matter the ugly."he said.

islands of south-east Australia and Tasmania Drip fish between 600 thousand and 200 meters below the ocean lives around, crab and lobster fed known.

Although it is not suitable to be consumed fish

Drop fishermen nets attached, so it is said to be running out of race.

Axolotl:an aquatic salamander species

other ugly animals of the highlights of the vote is as follows:

Kakapo:a flightless parrot. Among mammals living in New Zealand. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature only 126 units worldwide in early 2012 kakapodan kalmıştı.Axolotl:No burgeoning type of salamander. Than counterparts living under water, underwater breathing system is a unique geliştirmiş.Hortumlu monkey:a species of ape with a larger than usual nose.

Was named the world's ugliest animals" comments for.


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