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  • 27 Ekim 2012, Cumartesi 12:58

Was the champion Fenerbahçe

Was the champion Fenerbahçe
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Fenerbahçe Sports Club Inc company in the market value was the highest. The company noted that the market value of the company increased only club.

2 January to 28 September 2012 period, including

in stock market value increased by 11 percent in a single company Liverpool Sports Services was Sanayi ve Ticaret AS. The company's stock market value of 985 million pounds during this period was 1 billion 92 million 500 thousand pounds.

Galatasaray Industrial and Commercial Investments Inc. In the same period, the stock market declined as the company was determined maximum value. Value of 41 million 821 thousand 265.70 pounds in the past month for the capital increase of the company value is applied to the CMB, January-September 2012 period from 118.2 million pounds, down 75 percent, respectively.

Club The total value of companies By the end of September of this year by the beginning of the year fell 18 per cent, down 1.6 billion pounds.

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