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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 15:38

Waste Containers were distributed to villages

Waste Containers were distributed to villages
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Mus Special Administrative connected to the center by 5 villages were distributed garbage containers .

Muş news: Photo Çöğürl involved in the delivery container woods in the village Sütlüce, Soğucak , Çöğürl and Bonding village heads, the Governor took delivery of containers from Valerie Büyükersoy . Making a statement on the subject of Special Provincial Administration Secretary General Şeyhmus Yentür , within the program of 2014 Woodland Sütlüce, Soğucak , in Çöğürl and Bonding village said they had started trash collection service . 34 thousand 500 TL for a price to be used in this village a total of 75 pieces of trash containers Şeyhmus stated that Yentür taken ; \"Received this garbage containers distributed to our village today , garbage collection service has been started. This has been assigned a total of 4 staff and a garbage collection tool within business . Our capacity Refuse collection vehicle is 6.5 cubic meters. Today is to have the quality of a performance study of the work initiated here , the organization's capacity and experience to be tested. Without our the whole village in the coming years is expected to be made in the central and largest part of the garbage collection service of our county village. in fact we were missing the dumpster that we delivered these villages are well aware of . by our institution experience and capacity increases with the purchase of the remaining garbage containers next year this container will be removed at our village, \"he said. the governor Vedat Photo Büyükersoy , the staff will work in garbage collection service , said it was the most precious people. Voicing one container taken Büyükersoy 75 ; \"Winning the Halal is God's friend , winning the halal not winning only halal in luxurious surroundings , earns from the halal while cleaning up the mess that is Allah's friend and not people's eyes as only dress and the bottom of the car. People that are useful , is the most precious people. For him I congratulate before the staff who will be working in these services. we receive containers 75 of them. Closing passed a garbage vehicle Provincial our Special Administration of the municipality, the 75 containers and we are beginning the initial 5 to our village garbage collection service with garbage trucks . Possibilities grows it will continue to improve gradually our other village . However, this current real chance to . Woodland Sütlüce, Soğucak , we began to provide this service Çöğürl and our Links village. Hopefully more revenue , \"he said . Photo containers wishing to exit with the Büyükersoy , \"Citizens, we would like to dispose of the containers of garbage . Other second the issue , which has been entrusted to their service. not be seen as a scrap of containers , whether you want to quit and have not taken somewhere else . A small service, but it's a start . We care a lot. We want the village headmen have them come , \"he said . Photo containers after the speeches were delivered to the chairman.


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