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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 12:15

Watchmaker CHP , MHP Found on the corner of Unity Call

Watchmaker CHP , MHP Found on the corner of Unity Call
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Republican People's Party (CHP ) Chairman Hikmet Aydın Province watchmaker , Chairman of the MHP Fevzi Köse Efeler urged unity in the Municipality building .

Aydın news: Photo CHP press conference held in Aydin Province Presidency meeting of the CHP Aydın Provincial Chairman Hikmet watchmaker , Seyhan Serhan Vice President and Provincial Youth Wing joined Kemal Güneri President. Photo CHP Provincial Chairman watchmaker , recently MHP Chairman Aydin Province Fevzi Corner'the Aydın Municipality buildings of Efeler evaluating the misfortune to explain that it be given to the municipality , \"Aydin Metropolitan of the building was used as the Council's buildings still serving in Efeler limits Efeler is a statement made ​​to change the agenda statement claiming that it belongs to the Municipality . you must be if we talk about the cost of our local government real importance issue , although it belongs to Aydin ministry of resources in the case of equity this city , and reveal that we are against the effort to be transferred to the Treasury. We more sensitivity shown on the building services Köse MHP Aydın and Aydınlı of we believe in showing your goods \"using expressions Köse \"Come, if together , let be given a struggle, \"he urged.
\" EFELER MUNICIPALITY tHE SERVICE BUILDING OLD SPECIAL PROVINCIAL ADMINISTRATION tHE pLACE sHOULD BE \"Photo Efeler the place where it belongs Municipality building , formerly the Special Provincial Administration , which is used as a building , District by Aydın Governor with metropolitan law and the Provincial Coordination Center'what allocated building watchmaker noted that , \"I believe that this should show sensitivity in Aydin goods by politicians who think the interests of the city. All these thoughts in light of Aydin and Aydınlı political ambitions and the transfer of goods or sent in pursuit of the politicians and bureaucrats would condone transfer of deep conscience Aydin people, \"he said.

Watchmaker CHP , MHP Found on the corner of Unity Call" comments for.


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