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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 13:07

Water pipes dried up river bed is received

Water pipes dried up river bed is received
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Sömek its water from the creek in the village of Silifke Aksıfat, eight kilometers of pipes used as a promenade area is received into the natural balance of the stream is broken.

filled with dead fish in the creek, indicating that a week ago, the villagers Mustafa Dinc, after taking into water pipes and water in the vicinity of the fish had perished of thirst or dry oak trees, he said.

Aksıfat Dam should be done as soon as possible before the transfer Dinc, stream over 30 large and small around the pipe under the ground and above ground there, the water flows through these pipes Aksıfat route 83 in the village used to meet the requirement of drinking and irrigation water said.

pipes recently to take a company to produce energy is completely cut off from the waters that specifies Dinc, said they expect help from the authorities. Vigorous,"about 8 kilometers away from the ponds, the fish died. Ecological balance has been compromised. Alerted authorities to release some water into the stream, but it was not an improvement on the subject."she said.


picnic area citizens who visited the Qajar Uğur said,"This is a very nice place. were having a great time with our family on weekends. Waters pipes is received in the creek completely dry. has lost all the beauty. Nobody was not. This situation is very sad sight. authorities granting our request at least a little bit of water into the stream.", he said.

Water pipes dried up river bed is received" comments for.


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