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  • 25 Haziran 2014, Çarşamba 17:07

Water Tanks should be cleaned every 6 months

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Director of Public Health Dr .

Director of Public Health Dr . Dolphins Montenegro, Provincial Public Health Committee Deputy Governor Mehmet Emin Hunter in the Department collected and Public Health in the field are important issues on the agenda in consultation make some decisions , adding that''in apartment buildings , hospitals , dormitories , schools , classrooms , collective food production , sales and consumption places , hotels , shopping centers used in the water tank by the authorities of the six (6 ) months are required to make cleaning a tank ,''he said .
DR . Dolphins Montenegro said in a statement ,''in apartments , hospitals , dormitories , schools , in classrooms , mass food production, sales and consumption places , hotels , shopping malls used in water tanks by the authorities of six (6 ) months tank cleaning are required to enroll . For this purpose, the tank cleaning will do private organizations the personnel of three (3 ) months by the relevant institutions ( Public Health Directorate, KAS , the Adult Education Centre ) store in the cleaning of teaching , water storage tank cleaning will make specific organizations by municipalities Licensing before the municipality by the Public Health Directorate'the formal opinion to be taken , the water storage tank cleaning will do the special organization of the tank cleaning prices KASKİ Directorate General of tank cleaning prices correlated with , the water storage tank cleaning had been made by the concerned ( houses , hospitals , dormitories , schools, in classrooms , mass food production, sales and consumption , hotels , shopping malls , etc.). be documented , Public Health Directorate water tanks cleared whether the audits to be done , the water tank to be used in disinfectants Institute of Public Health from the izinlendiril have , the Human Consumption Regulation on Water for value does not meet the regions Municipality KASKİ General Directorate required by reclamation work started immediately was decided ,''he said .
Montenegro statement, said:
''Intended for Human Consumption on Water Regulation Article 46 paragraph 3 by the (Amended sentence:RG-11/4/2014-28969 ) with tools that will be used in the transportation of water for water outlets in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by the Authority shall be obtained from the Directorate . The water supplied to the market , Business and Work Permits are not places with LPG , LPG ​​, petroleum and petroleum products storage and distribution where made ; water's physical, chemical and microbiological quality can be adversely change the temperature, light, dust, smoke, adverse conditions , such as rainfall and storage can not be sold in open environments . Manufacturer for the production of water until it reaches the consumer is responsible for the water quality at all stages , but this does not eliminate the responsibility of the sales lot . ) Standards in the municipal crews warnings required to be made , goes on sale for businesses minutes are kept and the Public Health Department to be sent to ,
bottled water sales and depots necessary controls and our city water tanks located apartment buildings, schools , dormitories , classrooms , hospitals, production and sales of bulk food places, etc. . taken to places that the Provincial Public Health Assembly of the notification to the Directorate warrant metropolitan municipality is headed by a Police Officer to be appointed ,
Water tank cleaning taking people , organizations and companies to the 1593 Public Health Act 282 , pursuant to Article Intended for Human Consumption Regulation on Water act contrary to A person who in 4703 Product Technical Legislation on Preparation and Implementation of the Law and No. 5996 of Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food and Feed Law under the provisions of inactivity for the unanimous decisions were .
persons and organizations that comply with the decisions about the necessary sensitivity are needed .''

Water Tanks should be cleaned every 6 months" comments for.


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