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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 14:13

Water Treatment Plant Construction Halted

Water Treatment Plant Construction Halted
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Bingöl Mayor M. Young

Bingöl news: Bingol Young Mayor M.'s soil late last year to begin construction of waste water treatment plants in the right place made ​​you think and they stop building their facility somewhere else to make the MoEU applied to the said.
Young Young district last year by the Municipality of input from the Directorate of National Real Estate in Small Industrial Sites position to begin construction on the land allocated to the Waste Water Treatment Plant , was stopped on the grounds of discovery healthy . Facility built in the area of ​​Small Industrial Estate The presence of the ring road just as well be at the beginning , Vocational High School done in this area and urbanization, mainly in this area as the shifting situation , consider that and, therefore, arise in the future potential issues order to prevent plant Mayor M. stating that they stopped building's soil , they think of the new location offered the project to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization , he said. When working , the county's future also computationally hard stating that the President soil , \"known as the waste water treatment plant of the place , the industry website's . Likewise environment our way right here on the doorstep will pass . Again making the decision taken Vocational High School and for our district we thought the city terminal in this area has . Already city structure specifically to these areas has shifted . these situations are obvious facility in this area making appropriate we have not seen , and its state Ministry of Environment've passed . Ministry business's financial and legal analyzes . any problems in the absence of more low cost, we decided to do a new waste water treatment plant our of here about 1 kilometer below will do. Currently about 20 percent done our facility in the future in another way ratings are thinking . course before the Ministry of Environment and its conclusions are expecting , \"he said .

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