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  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 13:29

Waterfall in canyon opened to visitors

Waterfall in canyon opened to visitors
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Azdavay Çatak Canyon in Kastamonu Province in the process in a nearby waterfall 24 meters in height will be opened to visitors.

Kastamonu news: Located in Canyon Photo Azdavay Çatak located in the township , and opened to visitors 24 meters high waterfall project will be completed in the coming months . Indicating that they seek to uncover the many natural beauty embodies the district's on-site Azdavay Mayor Osman Nuri CİVELEK, Çatak said Canyon in can not be seen without entering located and into the canyon Çatak to open in the waterfall.
Covered 24 meters above the spill Çatak Waterfall prepared to project want those who could swim, Civelek said would become a hangout can watch for hours for those who want \"Çatak falling waterfall of 24 meters high canyon inside , with 2 thousand square meters of a rock cave and exit almost Nalbantoğlu the alluring neighborhood this is the right of everyone to see the magnificent beauty. Imagine a country of lush nature in the concrete jungle . stubbornness city devoid of green can not breathe , literally'healthy living center'photos to look behind the statement found meaning in Azdavay our beautiful county . these beauties as soon as Azdavaylı as well as domestic and foreign tourists will continue to fascinate , \"he said .

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