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  • 08 Eylül 2014, Pazartesi 12:59

Watermelon Festival in Diyarbakir 4 Start Preparations

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Diyarbakır Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock 4 Watermelon Festival organized by the delivery of watermelon began to enter the contest .

Food, Agriculture and Livestock Ministry of Diyarbakir Provincial Directorate organized by the 4th Watermelon Festival contest will be watermelon delivery began.
In Diyarbakir, which will be held 4 Watermelon Festival contest , which will become farmers watermelon had been submitted . Festival will be held between September 23 to 25 the applicant was reported that a large number of farmers . Watermelon farmers who applied for the competition , after weighing up to competition day Diyarbakır Provincial Directorate of the Ministry of Food Agriculture and Livestock Meat and Fish Institution connected to the bottom of the enclosure to be taken .
in statements to reporters on the issue UAV Provincial Director of Food Agriculture and Livestock Mustafa Ertan Ancestors , with a high of Diyarbakir province in terms of agriculture and animal husbandry among potential , he said. Ancestors , \"This is one of the provinces of Diyarbakır watermelon important place is located. Name and özleş Diyarbakır watermelon riding , ferip and pink varieties associated with production work is continuing , farmers in this regard that the actions are supported . Food, Agriculture and animals by the Provincial Directorate of watermelon growers for 2014 32 tons of fertilizer were distributed and all the work at every stage has been checked. Farmers relevant to the information and technical information are made . harvest time arrived, the harvest was done , \"he said .
\" Diyarbakır Culture , with wATERMELON with better promotion must \"
farmers'labor and protection of Diyarbakır watermelon culture with the introduction of voicing ancestors ,\"23 to 24 and 25 September, covering the period between watermelon and Culture Festival, our work continues . Splendid hosted a festival and Diyarbakir watermelon that aims to be introduced to our country are vaziyett . Studies are located in the final stage . Diyarbakır watermelon watermelon variety with its unique features . Finds weighs 50 pounds is . Within a thick crust and a delicious watermelon variety that is high in fiber . This value is preserved for years to come by our office and to develop attention is given to this issue in a special way . Farmers working in the technical sense economically and offer support. Each year, more and more types of Diyarbakır watermelon production areas are available for work , and pigeon dung manure used in a variety of reinforcement materials are provided. We had a pretty good season this year . The status of watermelon in very good condition , probably in excess of 50 pounds of watermelon would believe . Participate in the festival which will be held in Diyarbakir from all of our people are happy , \"he said .

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