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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 16:09

\"We are in the opposition ,'One God'If you say the opposite Says \"

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Kayseri Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki , loaded at a groundbreaking ceremony attended by the opposition , \"a God , they say the opposite If you inquire ,\"he said .

Kayseri news: Photo Kayseri Mayor Mehmet Özhaseki , commissioned by the Municipality of the District of Yeşilhisar Women and Youth Centre Parks and Sports Fields spoke at the Groundbreaking Ceremony. With the Metropolitan Law said the district gained Özhaseki services , said the opposition also support this law . Özhaseki , \"the elections one year ago passed a law our government . This law ,'Public services indivisible . People from dividing services can not benefit'he said . The name even Metropolitan Law had called not Bütünşeh Act . It was a proper age, came out and supported it. This Meanwhile a group of opposition we know we always say,'this law divides Turkey, Turkey is shattered , \"he said and the way the first year has passed that nothing fragmentation and saw everyone that sucks. another group ,'I need to do a referendum in such law , what will people he says, you have a look ,'they said . it was obvious from the development of people's satisfaction prior law because a previous law pilgrims , Talas and also İncesu had begun to us. after connecting to us that everyone has seen developments in the county . he saw everyone how the Talas population increases. in İncesu everyone has seen how the population is growing and how life has changed. Just how people had seen even from the bus services that benefit everyone , \"he said . Photo speech in opposition loaded Özhaseki , \"But we have a chronic disease. No matter who is at work even if you get the better job they will surely appeal to him . What do you say to say to the contrary . Tuesdays are made for group parties. There is one thing that the leader of the opposition , he has the power to tell the Prime Minister nor vice versa . Once for the sake of Allah ,'That's good , but it also works better if you do the following from . One also said the equity. We are in the inveterate opposition and vice versa.'They say that God is a'desear your opposite. It is a strange thing . This is a strange disease. In those days also they were, \"he said.

\"We are in the opposition ,'One God'If you say the opposite Says \"" comments for.


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