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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:39

We Atatürk'üz Oratorio of the tiny Gkv'li

We Atatürk'üz Oratorio of the tiny Gkv'li
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Gaziantep College Foundation Private Kindergarten they prepare students with the oratorio We called the founder of the Republic of Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk Atatürk'üz time of his death in the year 76 .

Gaziantep news: Photo emotional moments with great appreciation Ataturk beautiful songs from a tiny one they sang in oratorio students are experiencing the gathering also drew attention to the students'parents with students wearing the same clothes . GKV Private Kindergarten multipurpose Gaziantep College Foundation who attended the event held at the hall Private Schools Assistant General Manager . Assoc Celebrating assigned Taxation tiny students, \"such our meaningful student days that had we the emotional moments and I heartily congratulate our teachers and administrators to prepare them for tomorrow ,\"he said . Photo GKV Private Kindergarten crabby Neslihan Turkestan his keynote speech at the students highlighting not be avoided without any sacrifice in preparing the best possible conditions for the future that younger children to the country's teach important values ​​and stated that they were in any kind of work necessary to lay claim to these values. Photo GKV Private Kindergarten Smurfs and prepared students consisting of Butterflies class we study life since Atatürk's birth in Atatürk'üz oratorio , to military life the first step of the process it went through to the Commander in Chief of the Republic with the rise of the shooting and had made ​​revolutions unfold a visual sovle eyes . Oratorio in children's songs sung by students in the program , while the emotional moments in the flow of events in the family who came to watch the show from time to time gave a different color to accompany these songs . Parents came to the scene at the end of the show have taken several student marches to commemorate the day by reading memories with photos. Ataturk of GKV Private Schools Week activities will continue throughout the week as it was announced at various levels .


We Atatürk'üz Oratorio of the tiny Gkv'li" comments for.


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