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  • 10 Kasım 2014, Pazartesi 12:37

Weapons Talks in Bursa

Weapons Talks in Bursa
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Bursa , one of two people injured in the armed fight over the issue of give and take , died in hospital .

Bursa news: Photo first event in Osmangazi district centers , orderliness occurred in the neighborhood of Bursa Tahir Street. 35-year-old Cumalı Erdogan's tobacconist shop and gift shop operated by the 39-year-old from YVR , started arguing because of give and take . YVR rained bullets Erdogan brought with him a gun . Head , left arm and Erdogan bullets into the abdominal cavity , despite the removal of 112 teams could not be recovered by the Bursa State Hospital. YVR fled the scene after the incident , he surrendered with a crime by going to the police station . After the interrogation Y.V. was referred to the court. Photo Beşevler occurred if the other is the Small Industrial Estate . 42-year-old AA, MY coming due next matter that will take (39) began to argue with . MY altercation turned into a fight with a gun wound , AE walked away from the scene by 3 shots . Injuries to the chest and abdominal cavity from Uludag University Medical Faculty Hospital has been removed by the teams . While expressing that protects the seriousness of AEs , police looking for suspects .

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