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Wearable technology with groundbreaking in One Step

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Wearable technology is a new breakthrough Printed Electronics is preparing to enter the market .

Wearable technology is a new breakthrough Printed Electronics is preparing to enter the market .
wearable technology, a new step in the Printed Electronics Through their own energy to produce , our body's health to control with voice commands required will do in any environment, business , communication and shopping will provide the wearable technology in our lives is preparing to enter .
Smartphone many innovations came into our lives , doing business on the cloud , nanotechnology, software-defined networking ( SDN ) , such as multi-core processor technology improves business efficiency , accelerates and simplifies users'actions . \"What will be more in the future ?\"said one of the issues is the question of wearable technology experts are coming.
related to the development of wearable technology, many organizations around the world are known to be in working feverishly . For many years, studied printed electronic circuit ( printed electronics ) , wearable technologies contributed to the development provide targeted.
Silver Ink (silver ink) called the invention of plastic , such as a flexible surface on the surface without melting alloys of silver with the electronic circuits do not press It is known today that has been provided . Electronic circuits glass , textiles , plastics, film-like materials can be printed on or with the placement of wearable technology can be both cheaper and also aims to accelerate access to users'lives . In addition, experts in this area in 5 years a $ 12 billion market having predicts.
printed electronic circuits, wearable devices to other devices without connecting generate its own energy to be will provide . Atoms , such as batteries and solar panels to generate energy to carry on their own units . These technologies clothes and belongings are placed on the energy that can be used for long periods without the need to refresh . Thus, the need for its own energy generating devices to eliminate electrically charged . Printed electronics produced by wearable technologies , flexible and ergonomic in design, comfortably and smoothly to ensure the exercise .
3D printers INTEGRATED printed electronics
technology companies working on the printable electronics ( printed electronics ) in the future of 3D printing through the process of being integrated into the 3D printer is ready to work with the printed electronic devices that can be personalized . According to the body size of the person and the conceptual features like wearable devices , according to serial production will have been much cheaper . Wearable devices by consumers appreciated for may be hidden designs trendy in a way that will be available .
SMART PHONES IN LIEU wearable devices
Google , Samsung, Apple, Xerox companies like these issues his breakthroughs , to maintain the popularity of wearable technology is expected to provide . Mobile and wearable technologies, cloud and GPS-enabled data made ​​each media stream will act as a bridge . At present, Google Glass, Glass Up , Meta, Nike + fuelband , wearable devices such as the Samsung Gear mobile life as new players already had met with users . Now, however, wearable devices, the demand for smart phone manufactures many technology companies wearable developing new technologies to promote expected.
with voice commands DEVICE MANAGEMENT
This new technological development and wearable devices as well as voice can run commands and voice command system also works with artificial intelligence units , wearable devices is expected to provide more usable . With the system , artificial intelligence that can be asked all sorts of questions they investigate with voice commands to answer questions over the internet . For example, the user name of the command requested something on the internet that can provide purchase and delivery address . In doing so, the built-in secure data using any medium desired thing can be done it will be possible .
artificial organs, electronic implants
printable electronics , artificial organs , intended to be used in the development of health technologies such as implants are among . Cloud Connect , big data , mobile and wireless technologies to capture a major development today, with printed electronics future developments in medical science , users can improve the quality of life is expected to be factors . Pulse, fever, blood pressure, diabetes , such as wearable devices to measure vital data that will be used will be of new health technologies . With this technology, patient data, patient records can be kept under the hospital without . In emergency cases, the patient's location , patient data can be routed to evaluating the health care team . Vital time of a heart attack , blood loss, advance preparation for emergency response in such cases the patient can be made . Bedridden patients'treatments will be used for these technologies , immediate intervention in situations that require many lives to rescue to help.
MOVEMENT AREA will expand
networked computers , tablets, smart phones , game consoles, devices such as in use , the range of motion of the network will not be limited to . Wearable device technologies, users'personal area networks to enable them to carry with them . Through personal area network users many features , applications çalıştırabilecek.yak different environments and places these developments concerning the future of wearable technology , users will be presented to the state is expected to receive the products .

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