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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 09:28

Weather in dorms

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According to recent assessments ; South and Central Aegean , Mediterranean, Central Anatolia, Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia, to the west of Tokat , Bingol and Diyarbakir and at night eastern Marmara , Istanbul , Duzce , Bartin, Bolu and Karabük environment intermittent showers and places thunderstorms It is estimated that now .

İstanbul news: Rainfall in the eastern Mediterranean and night hours Adiyaman and Kilis G.Antep is expected to be strong locally in circles . Eastern Marmara , West Black Sea and Central Anatolia to the northwest of inland fog and haze events are expected .
According to estimates from the General Directorate of Meteorology , do not expect a significant change in air temperature . Across the country, around seasonal normals watch is estimated to .. the wind is generally north and northeast , once the Mediterranean coast and southeast in areas south and west of the light , occasionally moderate strength , Marmara and North Aegean coasts in places as a strong (30-60 km/h ) is expected to blow .
in some provinces, the expected weather and the daily high temperature is as follows:
Ankara:Partly cloudy and clear, time piece and very cloudy , evening hours from the short-term and local, including the torrential rain 24
Istanbul:Partly cloudy and 22
Izmir:Few clouds , cloudy and very cloudy over time to 26
Island:Partly and very cloudy, intermittent showers and thunderstorms will pass from place to place . Rainfall is expected to be strong
Antalya:Partly cloudy in places , intermittent showers and thunderstorms 27
Samsun:Partly cloudy 21
Trabzon:Partly cloudy 22
Erzurum:Partly cloudy and clear, cloudy and very cloudy 19 times
Diyarbakir:Partly cloudy , very cloudy over time , intermittent showers after noon 28

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