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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 09:22

Weather in dorms

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Recent assessments , according to the country's northern and eastern sections of the piece in places, very cloudy, West and Central Black Sea coast , the eastern Black Sea, Eastern Anatolia, north and east , South-eastern Anatolia , Kocaeli, Sakarya , Bursa , Tokat, Sivas, Kayseri , Nigde, Hatay and Şanlıurfa environment rainy , cloudy now is estimated to other places .

İstanbul news: Generally, torrential rain and the inner parts of the Eastern Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia in the eastern high which will be seen in the form of sleet and snow precipitation ; Eastern Anatolia to the southeast of Trabzon , Rize, Artvin's coastal areas , Mardin , Batman and Siirt strong around , Rize, Artvin's coastal areas and Hakkari in circles locally too strong to be expected. During the night hours Anatolia to the northeast of the Eastern Black Sea inland and eastern Anatolia in the north frost can be seen is estimated .
Air temperature of the northern and western part of the perceivable degrees (6-10 degrees) , including across the country will decrease and below the seasonal normal watch is estimated .
wind, generally northern direction, medium strength , Marmara, Central Aegean, Central and Eastern Black Sea coast of eastern Anatolia, western and southeastern Anatolia strong ( 30-60 km/h ) , North Aegean Coasts and in the Mediterranean region short-term storm (50-70 km/h ), South Aegean coast storm ( 60-80 km/h) as is expected to blow .
in some provinces, the expected weather and the daily high temperature is as follows:
Ankara:Partly cloudy and a little 13
Istanbul:Partly cloudy in places 18
Izmir:Partly cloudy 21
Adana:Partly cloudy 27
Antalya:Partly cloudy 25
Konya:Partly cloudy 15
Samsun:Mostly cloudy, intermittent rain and torrential rain 15
Erzurum:Mostly cloudy and rainy , north of the high snow and rain 8
Diyarbakir:Partly cloudy and very cloudy, rainy downpour in the early hours of 20

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