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  • 04 Kasım 2014, Salı 09:04

Weather in dorms

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According to recent assessments , homeland in northern and eastern sections of the piece and very cloudy , Eastern Black Sea , to the northeast of the Eastern Anatolia Van and rainy intervals of Hakkari environment , it is estimated that of the other places clouds and open late.

İstanbul news: Rainfall ; And torrential rain in the eastern Black Sea coast , rainfall is expected to be in the form of sleet and snow in other places. Strong and in places very strong rain in Rize and Artvin coastal areas of precipitation (50-75 mm) , the northern district of Erzurum , Artvin and Ardahan environment with Rize's high in heavy snow (20 cm or more) is expected to be shaped . Expected in places in the morning and at night frost event in the inner part . According to estimates from the General Directorate of Meteorology
, in the western part of the air temperature 2 to 5 degrees is expected to increase across the country including . Wind , from the northern direction generally mild , occasional moderate strength , the Eastern Black Sea and Eastern Anatolia strong (30-60 km/h) is expected to blow . In some provinces , the highest temperature of the day, weather conditions and forecasts as follows:Ankara Photo:Partly cloudy 12 Photo Istanbul:Partly cloudy and Izmir Photo 16:17 Partly cloudy and clear the island Photo:Partly cloudy 22 Photo Antalya:Partly cloudy 23 Photo Samsun:Partly cloudy and very Trabzon 13 Photo:Mostly cloudy and rainy ( rainfall coastal rain , sleet and snow in the form of inner and higher parts is expected to be ) 10 Photo Erzurum:Partly cloudy and very , intermittent snow ( after noon rainfall is estimated to be in the form of heavy snowfall in the northern part )-1 Photo Diyarbakir:Partly cloudy and 15

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