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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 18 Eylül 2014, Perşembe 14:37

Week Celebrated in Bitlis İlköğrt

Week Celebrated in Bitlis İlköğrt
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Primary Week, so a program was held in Bitlis .

Bitlis news: Primary Week, so a program was held in Bitlis .
the program held at Central Elementary School 100th Anniversary of silence and the National Anthem was being read . The meaning and importance of the program held at the Provincial Education Director gave a speech stating Mürteza Ogur, starting the 2014-2015 school year stated that they were in the enthusiasm . The world's most valuable asset is human and man's most important task this valuable asset to educate stated that the Ogur, \"This task is difficult as pleasurable and enjoyable task. World who want the province to hug you, hereafter you want province to hug you, and the world as well as hereafter wanting again provinces to hug you . every thing there is a way it is . heaven's way is science . a country's him how for a future most important indicator that one of the country's education the importance it attaches and the educational system. qualified education a nation backwardness recovers from the modern , advanced and distinguished a society makes . developed countries education systems continually questioning and review needs prized . State About 2012-2013 years by the modernity , rationality and scientific principles in line but the core values ​​a training model to develop and educational qualifications to improve the new model in the past and it successfully engages with . this new system for individuals to transfer information and knowledge to install , rather than information that explore ways to share information , which can technology very well capable of using and dynamic , self-confidence , asking questioning, self-expression and healthy to raise a generation has been targeted , \"he said .
2014-2015 academic year opening to participate in Bitlis, the National Education Balkanlıg International Religious Education Department Osman Demirgül , if today's Turkey academic year starts in school textbooks are not available , with each book's other provinces was ordered , not sent to schools for the benefit of schools and courses can not be heated through free education started more than half said that there was a Turkey . Department Demirgül , \"Indeed for 10 years the people to serve the happiness I ever heard of Bitlis, an academic year at the opening of the first found with a deep satisfaction I've been . Today the whole world is a priority for education , students , teachers , mothers and fathers in short, all cut together will perform a collective activity. these elements how integrate work as if to our success so quickly and it will be easy . Because of this reason this approach because a few years we as a ministry in cities all training activities , workshops, conferences and requests to the extent possible, to participate are working . Teachers our friends excitement live together , their taking in the views of Turkey's new education policy ourselves in a way to keep the take care . today at the point now training school aged children's schooling problems largely solved , educational environment and physical structure in recent years through investments made significantly is improved . Now today's Turkey academic year starts in school textbooks are not available , each book another province was ordered from the school to the allowance will not be sent to school, the heating can not and course of more than half empty through education initiated a Turkey that is not . Today, these problems have been largely overcome , and now both our and the Ministry of Education as valuable as educators working in the field in terms of achieving success is no longer any excuse us . Today, Turkey is not only of their own citizens meet the educational needs not only in the economic field developments occurring simultaneously in abroad more than 5 million of our citizens their children's education to meet the demands from Denmark to Austria from Somalia Kyrgyzstan so many places open schools , \"he said . < br/> Turkey's the old Turkey says it is not the Deputy Governor Salih Altun , once the competition of village schools is in , but now Turkey students themselves rather than compete with the world that they said. Altun, \"He's at the village school , one or two students to the district center gone . From there, big cities have gone to one or two people to read . In the end, few people will have a good profession in universities readers , would continue to serve . But now has become a very different competitive conditions . Now you no longer own village with students in your school or your school district can not compete with the world . Today, the university entrance exam expiry of the quota , even universities have come to a period in which to advertise . 100 people enter into our time trial , 10 people would win . The other 90 people would win . Today, the university is not as significant as it used to win . One thing to produce , to innovate , and the country to move forward new inventions do is very important , \"he said .
After the speeches, the Grade 8 students this year started school 1st grade students with flowers welcomed . Edited program, students sung by folk songs and the show ended with a folk dance display .

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