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  • 22 Ocak 2014, Çarşamba 11:23

Weekend Excitement about 1.5 million students will live Exams

Weekend Excitement about 1.5 million students will live Exams
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Anadolu University (AU) Open Education Faculty (OEF) 2013-2014 Fall Semester Final Exam preparation is complete.

Eskişehir news:  Approximately 1.5 million students in the exams will sweat.
Relevant to the preparation meeting was held in Ataturk Culture and Art Center. At the meeting, Anadolu University Rector. Dr.. Naci Gundogan and Open University Vice Rector in charge of system. Dr.. South by Yucel test organization will work in different points of the examiners should be aware of the details were explained.
Speaking at the meeting, Rector. Dr.. Gundogan, Open Education, Faculty of Business and Economics, said that the completion of the final exam preparation. Gundogan,"Within a few days at you, be tasked to places you'll go. Me then my friends some technical details inform you about that. We wish success to come into your presence. You all the conveniences I wish,"he said.
Open System responsible for the Vice Rector . Dr.. South, however, is a very busy noted that the number of students. Examination relevant information that transmits South,"one million 62 thousand 532 students in the first session, 2nd session 1 million 104 thousand students, 3rd session 695 thousand and the 4th session 774 thousand the number of students we have. 320 university representatives this examination officials. Aside from that for the future you will say things. UAE along with automated software system we are developing. April from Open University exams of their duties to you as you start going to give. An annual plan after giving conferences, congresses as well as personal plans accordingly made to think. This automation system and they will try to do the next period. Apart from this, for exam where you go go do not go coordinators meet with you and feedback to us if we'd be happy. February 4 until the reports are welcome. One other point OEF Office undergoes, they are incomplete and requests in line if you give us for us would be nice. Jan. 25 to 26 between 1 million 378 thousand 896 students will take the exam this figure is quite high. 1st and 2nd sessions quite crowded. 10 thousand 507 in building our tests will take place. used the number of boxes of 27 thousand 515 from you we expect IBAN numbers as shown your attention. everyone in the exam easily I wish,"he said.
students take exams in order to test the input document, student identification card or document, photo and approved identity document do I need to have with them. Exam while in front of students that should not have are these:
"Cell phone, radio, pagers and other communication tools related to the course all sorts of books, notes and the like cameras, camcorders and other image recording device for the databank, portable computers and other suitable electronic data storage devices, licensed or unlicensed weapons of all kinds."
in the Republic of Turkey in Turkey and Northern Cyprus (TRNC), which will be held in 98 centers Open Education, Faculty of Economics and Business Administration Fall Semester Final Examinations, will be held on January 25 to 26 days. Exams will be a total of 1 million 378 thousand 896 students. In the fourth session, the total number of students will take the exam will be 3 million 635 thousand 532. 313 thousand 453 different questions in the exam booklet will include questions of different courses.
Exam 3 million 785 thousand 369 with the replacement of the question booklets and answer sheets to be used in the same number. The examination will also be carried out in prison and 156 to 2 thousand 200 students will take the exam. Exam will be 3 thousand 457 while the number of students with disabilities Examination; 3 thousand 240 different buildings, and a total of 10 different halls of 53 thousand 857 thousand 519 thousand 507 buildings and 198 will be held in the hall.
exam; 320 university representatives, university representatives administrative 324, 45 transport officer exam papers, including 30 drivers from our university will serve 719 people total. In the exam; 95 provincial exam coordinator, 97 provincial exam assistant coordinator, 109 coordinator staff, 10 thousand 577 buildings responsible for examination, the 11 thousand 658 buildings examiner assistant, 10 thousand 507 building managers, 173 thousand 107 hall president, 184 thousand 350 supervisors and other together with officers will serve a total of 510 thousand 392 people.

Weekend Excitement about 1.5 million students will live Exams" comments for.


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