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  • 05 Mayıs 2014, Pazartesi 11:42

Were filled flourishing , everybody was Doya Flowers

Were filled flourishing , everybody was Doya Flowers
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\"Capital City of Flowers \"Flourishing , Flower Festival, held this year again with 17.s were filled with çiçeksever .

İzmir news: \"Capital City of Flowers \"Flourishing , Flower Festival, held this year again with 17.s were filled with çiçeksever . Turkey's Aegean and many from the center of flourishing ran to the arrivals, the beautiful flowers of concerts and events and three enjoyable days living , bought flowers they both houses cheered modified , as well as flourishing economy make a big contribution . Mayor flourishing dr.ufuk Voice , \"a festival was held in a befitting manner to more flourishing . Both Turkey we both won our Bayındırı . Supports Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, lent thank you and our people ,\"he said .
held from May 2 to 4 Bayındır the 17th Flower Festival , as well as dozens of flower stand flourishing with a variety of activities and entertainment was the scene of a major mobility . Flourishing of the busiest in the streets of the stand , visitors to overflowing, and exhibited flowers literally scramble scramble gone.
by many distinguished artists and groups concerts in the festival, added color . Crow Rock Band for three days with passenger Bilginç THM artist took the stage. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Pop Orchestra and flourishing enthusiasm Public Education Center Zeybekler team folded. On the second day of the festival, giving concerts Ezgü Turkish Folk Music Artist Sumer , was BAYINDIRLI saturate the song . Ezgü , specific to different regions of Anatolia , best-loved folk songs for BAYINDIRLI said. Famous Turkish Folk Music Artist Sumer prior to the concert Ezgü Arıkbaşı Caucasian Culture and Solidarity Association team took the stage. Thousands of people who filled the stadium , accompanied by fireworks 10th anniversary anthem together , he said.
AUDIO PRESIDENT: \"18 MEET THE FESTIVAL \"< br/> flourishing in City Stadium events, city council members and the mayor with his wife following the Vanishing Voice flourishing CHP came on stage during the concert was accompanied by Ezgü , folk songs played . Voice Ezgü giving flowers to President thanked . Izmir Mayor Aziz Kocaoğlu'nun by supporting inaugurated the festival from visitors take note stated that the President Voice , \"17.festivali us with great enthusiasm has passed. Bayındırı our still successful was the introduction . Flowers in the colors Bayındır'ı Us reflected . Our guests in our district to welcome many we were happy . a festival more flourishing in a way like we did. both our Turkey , as well as Bayındırı we won . 18.festival to meet in , lent their support to Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and our people thank you , \"he said .
flourishing Horticulture Cooperative ( BAYÇİKOP ) President Ersoy Sümerkan said,\"this year's festival, our three days, an estimated 500 thousand people visited . Very efficient internal tourism movement was . 17.s the we organized the festival was much more interested . producer while earning money by selling our Bayındır made ​​a good presentation . Edited to supporting and Bayındırımız came to thank our people that delight our town . Their happiness , our happiness was ours , \"he said.

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