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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 13:30

Were laid over 30 years is Alive

Were laid over 30 years is Alive
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Handled in Nigde 84-year-old Fatma, who lay in a room for 30 years, lives alone in the house.

Niğde news: Nigde 84-year-old Fatma Handled over 30 years in a room deposit in the house lives alone.
Old palace in the neighborhood many citizens visited by the deposit for 50 years in their own homes and that for 30 years, lived alone said Fatma Handled, deposited previously in the garden and said,"This home's go 50 years have passed. This deposit, this house before enrolling in the garden stood. partner this deposit ever without damaging the inside of the house picked up. Deposit who do not know. visit from the door to open it. home When I'm not in the window, leave them on. citizens prayers would. 30 years alone am this were laid on. How the grant nor outgoing am. Deposit my friend, as he is waiting for me, I love him,"he said.
old palace district Headman Rustam Kaplan, invest in Nusrettin of His Holiness pointed out that,"The investment in Nusrettin Holiness's. This street is also called Nusrettin Holiness Street is. This deposit formerly the garden was. Thereupon sometimes dishwasher drain water were. Thereupon this deposit residents of the dream came. Dream On"Amateur dishwasher drain water. Dispense it somewhere else. I investment, bereketliy you say"Although home owners did not budge. Daughter was paralyzed in one of the"claims found.

Were laid over 30 years is Alive" comments for.


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