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  • 22 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 16:54

Were showcased in the new campus

Were showcased in the new campus
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Founding Rector of the University of Ardahan. Dr. Ramazan Korkmaz, on the eve of moving to a new campus area, representatives of the local press and the national press, organized a roadshow.

Founding Rector of the University of Ardahan on the trip. Dr. Ramazan Korkmaz, President Assistant Professor. Dr. And Prof. Orhan Söylemez. Dr. M. Palabıyık Hanafi, Vedi Aşkaroğlu the Secretary-General, Assistant Lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities. Assoc. Dr. Levent Small, President of the Chamber of Construction Inst. Rates. Salim Vural, Press and Public Relations Director, Inst. Rates. Ihsan Kurtbaş, Civil Engineer, Inst. Rates. Ugur Sarikaya, Journal of Process Owner Deniz Dogan News Agency representative and head, and the North East Anatolian Journal of the representative of the owner HaberTürk poor Yilmaz Gunay Anadolu Agency representative of Noah, Alsancak newspaper reporter Mehmet Alkan, Sabah newspaper representative Mehmet Avsar, Ihlas News Agency representative Mature Stars, Free News Agency representative Jonathan Stone, Ardahan News Newspaper own Özkan King, February 23 Senol Shearer newspaper reporter, BBC News correspondent Sahin Lightning Ardahan Ardahan Edremit Yunus joined Agenda newspaper reporter.

trip were about twenty people participated in group fitness guest member of the press complex economic and administrative sciences and humanities and literature faculty building of faculty buildings, lecture halls, dormitories, lodging houses were visited.

campus was completed and the first phase of the new campus in the month of September, the President stated that taşınılacağını Korkmaz, Istanbul University's physical facilities and Turkey is a candidate to be the most beautiful natural beauty and singing university, with many firsts in terms of architecture and civil engineering, he said.

Ardahan University campus is an example of the use of state resources, how well

Information on the campus when the campus, 3.5 miles from the city center, surrounded by forest on three sides, with plenty of water resources, solid ground is where the President began his speech by expressing Korkmaz, the campus, the state's resources is the best example of how to best evaluated at said.

goal, in 2023, 20 thousand students

tutorials provide information about our classrooms and lecture rooms overlooking the forest, large, spacious and ergonomic, indicating that the President Korkmaz, but also smart classrooms and auditoriums board also said it would be. Korkmaz great amp for 300 people, especially members of the press that traverses the Rector, the largest convention center in the classroom setting, and national and international meetings, symposia, seminars, congresses and conferences as well as larger organizations, co-ordinated said.

In addition, the entrance to buildings, Ardahan, social, economic, cultural and historical values, indicating that the President resmedileceğini Korkmaz, as well as the ground floor of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities will open a museum of folklore and Folk Culture gave the good news.

President Korkmaz also said the number of students has increased every year, said, 'At the moment our nearly four thousand students and 400 academic staff have mevcudumuz. It is very important for a university with a history of five-year figure. The 2023 target of at least 20 thousand students and academic staff at least three thousand. This can go on top."He said.

Were showcased in the new campus" comments for.


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