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  • 31 Mart 2013, Pazar 07:51

Were sought for 36 years, Anatolian leopard in Siirt

Were sought for 36 years, Anatolian leopard in Siirt
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After 36 years in Siirt Anatolian leopard extinctions of thought emerged.

Thought to have been extinctions of Anatolia leopard then 36 years later, Siirt appeared in. Leopard found dead on Mount Gabar learned in 2010. This situation had aroused hopes that the leopard generation exhausted.

Leopard presence in Turkey since 1970, is the first concrete data are considered exhausted after years appeared in Siirt. Last record, January 17, 1974, a leopard killed belonged to the Ankara Beypazarı. Leopard was killed in a newspaper article about the"Man breaks panther"was published under the title.

According to research published in the April issue of National Geographic Turkey, Sirnak, Siirt, starting out in northern Iraq dating back to the Gabar Mountain in the present invention was interesting. The present invention is science dozens of people lived in for 36 years, Anatolian leoparıyla was about trying to prove. In 2010, the animal, the Anatolian leopard in the mountains (Panthera Pardus Tulliana) turned out to be. Anyone found to be dead leopard's skin and then swam before the photograph taken. Leopard pelt today, hiding in a village in Siirt.

Were sought for 36 years, Anatolian leopard in Siirt" comments for.


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