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  • 13 Eylül 2013, Cuma 15:36

What happens after 50 years of fotolarım see Facebook and Twitter!

What happens after 50 years of fotolarım see Facebook and Twitter!
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Are you wondering what oalcğaını your photos on Facebook in a future?

joyful and sad memories of a similar share on Facebook and Twitter. But a century later, these photographs will be with us for the land? Here is the answer ..

every second of our lives thanks to social networks, which has become a means everyone is aware of. We watch the film, lacquer color of the proposition, we eat drink, which we listen to the song, night uyuyamadığımızdan, who what where we live ...

Here, at home, on vacation, or at the theater appearances it does not matter; facebook, Twitter's always time. Do you have a friend next to you before you say a word from Twitter is now more attractive.

So how in the future torunlarımız'Anneanne young boy? 'He asks' Facebook for a look, tweets oku'mu say? Here are answers to questions fütürüstik ...

According to the news

Aktüel, known for his work in the field of IT and technology, social media expert M. Serdar Kuzuloğlu, Ersan Ozer internet entrepreneur and founder of inploid.comsitesinin Serkan Kose, curious replied.


Serdar Kuzuloğlu, the memories on Facebook about what will happen in the future, said:

"Facebook, Youtube gibi'yaşam kaydı'formunda every day use sites that provide services to us, that crumbs of data is becoming indispensable to contain a little more. da'veri taşınabilirliği'konusu the other hand, are coming up."

all the sites in the future on their own initiative or legal regulations,"they would have to give the user data at any time owners,"said Kuzuloğlu,"Even now, many social networks, including Facebook and Google, especially this feature already exists. transmitted information to be transferred to another medium you technical support in the event of the new site is an extremely easy process,"he said.


Twitter is given as well as social media posts, not active enough, sometimes even a major reason for the establishment of a neighborhood pressure. Especially people with higher number of followers, tweet about any topic on the agenda refuses to be found offensive by the followers. Kuzuloğlu,"get carried away with the agenda he described as"social media, referring to the disease, he says:"I'm sure he will break this cycle after a period of time. social media us to hear different voices, offers many opportunities for individuals to recognize personal worlds, though the general trend is for some reason everyone saying something about the vicious agenda to remain stuck again leads into the traditional framework. succumb to the tide caught in the hands of the user Anything."

NEVER will walk in our lives'

Ersan Ozer Internet entrepreneur, however, applications like Facebook and Twitter As many of the earlier application"çökebileceğinin"is possible, but still more likely to deformations in the light of new demands, pointing out that"a permanent social networks came into our lives and never leaving. N are not in question. most similar practices occur . And these applications, only applications for certain areas will be more narrowly on issues,"he said."Human nature than socializing request"indicating that in Ozer,"This situation can turn into a massive paranoia in the. Better idea of ​​the human, more recognition, recognition in need,"he said.


inploid.comsitesinin founder Serkan Kose, shaped with a new generation of more of these applications,"the service that the future than the past,"the demand of the new generation that has been expressed exactly that. The information emotions such as pollution, social media like Facebook, Twitter, and the rapidly changing practices that point to the rapid spread of the Corner,"Sharing is so fast that one has no time to return to the past. On the other hand, one does not wonder at history. Looking into such a mess that it is a virtual do not have the time for,"he said.

carefully preserved INFORMATION AFTER DEATH '

after death, Facebook, information on social networks like Twitter, which would continue to exist in the Corner,"After I die Face to calculus. taken under protection. In short, this information will always stay. founded new companies to delete data no longer belong to you. these companies on the one hand and prevents pollution of information and special in your life, there will be information about how much of the social networks is going to help you,"he said. This new generation of companies, as well as"Let's add your family's information in one place. Die then let us know how much would you like to share"also offers services like.


of social networks in the future that will lead to legal chaos in the Corner, said:

"Now you can record everything you see on the road, such as Google Glass, Microsoft lens placed in the eye as well as new technologies, it is very possible interference with private life. their habitatımıza this intervention for the future, will result in a legal mess. This confusion will cause a reaction, and this new generation of applications in accordance with their wishes to use in a different way."

What happens after 50 years of fotolarım see Facebook and Twitter!" comments for.


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