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  • 26 Ekim 2013, Cumartesi 00:57

What to do in order to protect the privacy of Facebook profile?

What to do in order to protect the privacy of Facebook profile?
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Protect your Facebook profile in step 7 of privacy! Important information for users of Facebook ...

protecting privacy on Facebook floated like to get wet. Graph of the company's recent changes to this difficulty Search'te better understood. To protect the privacy of the users profile What can insist on privacy?

with Facebook's recent changes to his liking, status notifications, photos and comments' to anyone who search Search'te Graph will be shown. Now you can see the shares from people who are not on your list of friends. I use Facebook as well as personal privacy and cover from you say you have to make some settings.

do first is to edit the privacy 1.Profilinizin to the 'Settings' menu, select 'Privacy' section to choose from. In this section you will find all the options you need to protect personal privacy.

2 'Who can see posts to share with the future?' under the heading of shares from the target audience select. As you can see not only the people you specify your shares will open to everyone 'Custom' option you can choose.

3 'Movements Dump' Facebook profile as black box. Under this section, all the photos on Facebook tagged for date, find messages or shares. If you like 'Facebook time you do not want to appear Tüneli'nizde remove individual shares.

4' Time Tunnel the old target audience shipments bound ' check the option of giving the public all the content you share with your Facebook friends and then only you can see your list. Please note that not return to this process.

5 'who can communicate with me?' section of your inbox messages, friend requests may restrict or who set to fall.

6 'Finding Who can find me?' section of the registered e-mail address or phone number on Facebook by searching You can choose who can access your profile.

7 If the tunnel of time do not want to appear in internet searches shares 'Do you want to link to other search engines tunnel of time?' Option to 'No' flag.

What to do in order to protect the privacy of Facebook profile?" comments for.


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