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  • 23 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 11:31

What to See More Robot Tumor Tissue

What to See More Robot Tumor Tissue
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İstanbul news: Prof. Dr.. Eyup Silver, a new robotic surgical technique is now added to the vessel can not be seen with the naked eye become visible by the robot said.
first time in Turkey, which was launched in 2006, robotic surgery method, together with the public hospitals became widespread.
Head of Robotic Surgery Association. Dr.. Eyup Silver initially robotic surgery, surgery, 5-6 hours drive stating that the now 80 to 90 minutes up in the decline noted.
Robotic surgery in surgical success rate gradually increased attention Silver,"With each passing year robotic surgery areas, while the learning curve have completed robotic surgeons through in a short time and lower mortality rates and the surgery is performed. Also nearby countries robotic surgical teams increasingly per case study are found in. Today in our country the world can be done in robotic surgery of all transactions of comparable quality and standards can be applied successfully,"he said.
Prof. Dr.. Eyup Silver in Turkey robotic surgery uses and density with the world is in line also expressing said:
"Robotic surgery rather than in the abdomen in tight spaces is a very effective method. This regard in recent years, particularly prostate cancer surgery, rather they were famous . Prostate cancer surgery is important in cancer purification, postoperative urinary incontinence and masculinity defects, such as the effects of surgery for robotic surgery compared to other methods in experienced hands than most can be minimized. in the United States prostate cancer surgery 85 percent of the'' robotic surgery is performed. This rate was 5 years ago, 40 per cent, respectively. Urological cancer surgeries prostate outside the kidney and bladder cancer in surgical robotic surgical use has found. Antimicrobial uterine cancer, ovarian tumors and tubal ligation of the opening re-anastomosis are used. general surgery the pancreas, stomach and colon surgeries are widely used. Again thyroid surgery in the armpit entering the visible incision without the robotic surgery with surgery can be performed. Much less frequently ENT field tonsils, larynx tumor surgery, Cardiac Surgery in the by-pass and valve surgery, lung surgery may be used. our country enough robotic surgical system, the lack of experienced decision to undergo surgery team in failure and cost emerges as a significant barrier."
Prof. Eyup Silver, 2 million so far in the world, close to 10 thousand in Turkey noted that robotic surgery performed surgery.
Silver pointed out that constant development of robotic surgery systems,"The new console system during surgery with 2 person's education possible can become. single-port robotic surgery company recently made is an important innovation. Another important innovation Fluorescence imaging is. Through this technique, the surgeon naked eye a better way anatomy view and been evaluated. Bare invisible veins become visible and the tumor tissue boundaries better be determined. Da Vinci instruments used advanced technologies significantly improved and been diversified. these instruments thanks to advanced surgical expertly and with precision, can be realized. Consequently, robotics surgeons at the request right at the borders less complicated for excellent surgical results will continue to develop,"he said.

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