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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2013, Cumartesi 17:19

What was the selection of the wisdom of God the Kaaba?

What was the selection of the wisdom of God the Kaaba?
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Nuance participating in the Hajj and Umrah Tour Milky Way News TV Guide Faruk Zünbül made important statements about the history of the Kaaba.


Hajj and Umrah tour guide Faruk Zünbül, Saudi Arabia News Agency (SPA) 's images taken with specific Kaaba Kaaba why God chose a stunning shared information on. Zünbül, between the mountains of the Kaaba, dehydrated and dry, and that's a wisdom that is established in an area, he said.

water will flow around the place greener and seçmemesini God tells Zünbül:'now look at the Mecca of volcanic stones in a dry place. In the face of God has chosen the most useless place. Vadi'olarak da'hiç a depleted through a grass Qur'an. But now the world's most expensive and valuable place of the Kaaba. This is also a place God gave value, one can not measure the value of his show. God is more airy, green and beautiful'd pick a place worth Haram would not have caught up in the beauty of all proportion. he said.

Faruk Zünbül, the names of both the Qur'an uses to the Kaaba, and Bayt al-Bayt al-haram said to be waste . Zünbül, these two words words anlamının'dünyanın is the most valuable and the most senior yeri'demek added.

What was the selection of the wisdom of God the Kaaba?" comments for.


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