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  • 11 Ekim 2014, Cumartesi 14:24

Wheat Yield Trial Excellence in Darende

Wheat Yield Trial Excellence in Darende
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Ultra-efficient four varieties in the district of Malatya Dare buğday'eki was performed.

Malatya news:
Dare in the District and District Food , Agriculture and Livestock Department as a result of the county's Başdirek neighborhood farmers Solomon Euphrates started eight acre field 4 pieces of bread wheat lines and one control varieties using the wheat yield trials were performed.
Dare in the Governor Benjamin Bird, used in the experiment of the varieties generous , abundance, kate and Esperia high-yielding varieties , noting that the control varieties in the region transplantation performed Sönmez 2001 , he said .
Bird said in a statement following stated:
\"Wheat in the world and in our country need cultivation , and production terms in the first place space and human food besides being animal nutrition used in the most important is a culture . Wheat's adaptation of the border width , production, transportation , storage, and ease of processing and the bread is due to its ability , in many countries increasing production work has been accelerated. rapidly growing population , fragmented and declining agricultural areas obtained is sufficient and balanced nutrition with production , it becomes more difficult with each passing day . Therefore, to meet the growing nutritional needs , showing a good fit to the ecological conditions of the region , the identification of genotypes with good yield and quality are of utmost importance . For different ecology , efficiency and high quality in order to determine which lines a lot of research was carried out in different regions of the country . Wheat is usually rainy or obtained from irrigated area is higher grain yield . However, the protein content of the grain is reduced in these areas . The converse precipitation with low correlation areas are seen as an increase in protein content . The researchers next highest grain yield genotypes with high protein content and nitrogen fertilization on plant breeding methods to develop employ . The quality of wheat soil, climate and grain properties define. The quality of a product, in particular to the fact that the standard is suitable for many different processes . The results of this trial conducted in our district very low yield and high levels of wheat production will be of better quality . \"

Wheat Yield Trial Excellence in Darende" comments for.


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