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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 17:08

Wheel:\"Education Foundation Allowance should be given to all staff \"

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All Education Workers ( TEC-Sen) Branch President Mehmet Adiyaman Wheel, training should be given to all personnel of preparedness grants , he said.

Adıyaman news: All Education Workers ( TEC-Sen) Adiyaman Branch President Mehmet Wheel, training preparation allowance to all staff should be noted.
TEC-You Adiyaman Branch President Mehmet Wheel, 2014-2015 academic year , the academic year preparation allowance of 850 per is determined as , that all employees should benefit , he said.
education and training services belonging to class teachers titled staff working in is actually a teacher in preparation of the allowance given said Mehmet Wheel, \"teachers and non-educational services in the entire educational staff ( Administrators Officer , Chief , etc.) for years ignored was continuing discriminatory and sense of justice lacks applications this year, disregarded where it is understood . Ministry of Education for many years, just training for teachers preparing for grants to pay , training services, all the shortcomings , despite the best way to make labor-consuming other training of employees is to ignore labor .
paid at the beginning of each academic year and is quite insufficient training preparation allowance paid to teachers as well just because it is constantly criticized by our union . The Ministry said that the allowance paid to teachers to specify only this year, despite Kur` Presidency of Religious Affairs in the course of employment as a contracted teacher positions from those who actually training for trainer preparation allowance is payable . This situation has argued for years meb`'preparation for education allowance is paid only to teachers'clearly refutes the defense . Study preparation allowance only teachers , but not all education employees should also benefit indiscriminately . Otherwise, it is clear that an application formally discrimination .
TEC-You appropriations for many years as preparation of training be provided to all teaching staff have been advocated . Only teachers , not all education employees to receive training preparedness grants , education for everyone working in the field of demand equal enjoyment of this right , \"he said .

Wheel:\"Education Foundation Allowance should be given to all staff \"" comments for.


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