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  • 23 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 15:30

When setting the judiciary

When setting the judiciary
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Courts can shorten the process of the project, financed by the EU launched

Right to a fair trial within a reasonable period of time in order to avoid violating the Effectiveness Effectiveness of European justice Commission project is implemented.
the project as a pilot province of Erzurum , Izmir and Ankara Regional Administrative Courts selected. Sticky Thread Sticky Thread 'CEPEJ-SATURN'projesi, began to be implemented from September.

' control is called, funded by the EU, implemented by the Ministry of Justice of the European Council, CEPEJ-SATURN'projesi, selected as a pilot province began to be implemented in Erzurum. the time set for the newly prepared red-and-white crime files, the reasons for the delay, time of going to court to be written and therefore minimize such investigation period. The court opened an investigation will be completed within the target time.

reasonable level to ensure that the judicial process in our country, the European Commission for Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) was created in 2007 by the SATURN center. Council of Europe member states, in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the judiciary established by the Council under Article 6 of the CEPEJ and the European Convention on Human Rights' New Right to a fair trial within a reasonable time was to be prevented from violating. geçirilen'CEPEJ-SATURN'projesinde implemented in Turkey by the High Council Amasya, Erzurum and Ankara Regional Administrative Court, the pilot elected to courthouses . Implemented from 1 September başlayan'CEPEJ-SATURN'projesi then be expanded across the country.

Financing the European Union funded Ministry of Justice and the Council of Europe uygulanan'CEPEJ-SATURN ' with the project for many years used in courthouses pink files vanish. The new red-and-white files are prepared, 'file raporlama'formu under the title written on the individual stages of the investigation and prosecution. The time set for a new phase of the investigation file prepared by the delay because the targeted reasonable time, thoughts-suggestions, date of arrival of the court file, the targeted binding decision time, decision date is located. Minimize the duration of the investigation and prosecution of the project.


the project is 15 guiding principles and to apply it obvious Ramadan, stating that the chief prosecutor in Erzurum on the subject, said:

"Erzurum, the court of justice pilot elected in terms of management time. we have a feature like this. European courts applied the method in a model of time. Republic Başsavcılıklarında applied. Therefore, Erzurum, Turkey, Amasya, will be an example for Europe. The main goal is to shorten the process of trial courts. Procuratorate investigation process to shorten the citizen's most beautiful and provide access to justice as soon as possible and efficiently. investigation of the first stage where there is congestion, where there is a glitch, identify problems related to them, and I've done a site survey. The solution for the We took steps. September 1, 2013 as our project we have initiated. Experiment with us from time to time in the process of consultation with experts from Europe, the council how it will assess whether the project. Adliyemizin entry created at the front offices. guide our policy here, hung in the project 15. According to our citizens and our attorneys crime Our commitment to investigating how much it would have saved us time. Objective shorten the duration of the investigation and trial."


When setting the judiciary" comments for.


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