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  • 22 Ağustos 2013, Perşembe 08:55

Where Uzerli Mary became pregnant?

Where Uzerli Mary became pregnant?
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Mary Uzerli was pretty wild rumors to explain that she is pregnant. Mary, so he left Magnificent Century?

STUNNING Century"and became famous as the last in May Hürrem'i"burnout syndrome"experienced by Mary returned to Germany to leave the grounds array Uzerli'nin pregnant is the world of showbiz news fell like a bomb.

Can Businessman noktalayan Ateş'le shortly before the relationship and prepared to be a single mother The most famous actors wondered if the issue was the time of pregnancy: famous actor had returned to Germany because it expects a baby or after returning for pregnant was

GERMANY pregnant

Mary Uzerli,"Magnificent Century"set to drop Fire Can not leave well alone when his girlfriend, had gone with him to Germany. The famous actor, that's the time pregnant stayed a short time, and then waiting for the baby has learned.

abandoned learned BELOVED CHILD

between the couple allegedly disrupting this pregnancy. Uzerli while trying to give birth to her baby, a son of the first marriage, the subject did not look hot fire. Two disagreed about the baby, decided to end their relationship.


Can Ateş'ten Despite the loss of her boyfriend decided to bring her child born Uzerli'nin said the support of his family survived difficult days. In spite of all the ısrarlara fire two months ago left her boyfriend make a statement about the pregnancy Uzerli'nin avoid.

Currently 3.5 months to pregnant Uzerli'nin baby's gender is not yet clear. Beşbuçuk months later, the player who will be the mother, the baby's gender to be a surprise for the coming months to find out.

Where Uzerli Mary became pregnant?" comments for.


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