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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 01 Kasım 2014, Cumartesi 21:56

While escaping, the thief was caught with Television

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Television in the hands of Izmir Karsiyaka district with police patrolling team caught fleeing thief .

İzmir news: Photo by information obtained, while Karsiyaka perform law enforcement patrol services team has seen many with a television in a person's hand . Persons fleeing the street in the 6295 television CGI hand This is where a woman named continued to flee after leaving the residence. 6250. The suspect was arrested by police on the streets. Photo Television and CGI thief who surrendered to the police team belonging screwdriver woman named \"Fan Chart familiar to television but did not know where to bring home what purpose ,\"he said . Captured T.Y. (27) It was determined that the record for crimes committed before the person named . The television in the survey, in Bostanlısı Y.Ç. It was determined that the person is stolen from the gym. Y.ç.'n 16-year-old received from pay television from the SC that has been detected. Who previously theft record and was determined to crime into which a child SK October 29 arrested Child Bureau to be delivered . Photo Bostanlı Police Department Chief held in administration 3 made ​​on the separate thefts of research as a result of examining the security camera footage of a workplace TY engaged in theft of and S. G. ( 29 ) turned out to be . S. G. materials is that they have stolen the thief also testified that he learned of her sister's home store . Accompanying the address where they go on cable thieves , drill, television, laptop computer were seized . T.Y. and S. G. they are removed from the court they have made a total of 6 burglary was arrested and sent to prison .

While escaping, the thief was caught with Television" comments for.


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