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  • 31 Ağustos 2014, Pazar 11:20

While waiting for her husband's funeral Double Happiness Has Come

While waiting for her husband's funeral Double Happiness Has Come
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As a result of a motor vehicle accident deaths in Muş expected to pregnant women after 45 days in hospital in Elazığ opened his eyes , with 85 days of intensive care treatment clung to life .

Elazığ news: As a result of a motor vehicle accident deaths in Muş expected to pregnant women after 45 days in hospital in Elazığ opened his eyes , with 85 days of intensive care treatment clung to life . Expected to be recovered from the mother the baby was born in a healthy way . While Elazig from Mush to go take her husband's funeral that day thinking about the father , his wife and son in restoring the health of the world in a healthy way to start a new life for themselves, with the advent said. 32-year-old residing in Mus
Irfan Ucar and 28-year-old wife, longing , waiting for the second child suffered an unfortunate accident . 1 year ago Ozlem Ucar mother , three months pregnant got into the van to go to the hospital to check . Hospitals that want to get out of the van in front of your mother Fly, as a result of sudden movement of the vehicle fell down , losing balance . Hitting his head on the pavement and mothers from the body blow flies, was hospitalized immediately . The first intervention in Muş the pregnant woman's family doctors'life there is no hope negligible , at any moment we could lose , but God I hope not interrupted , saying the facilities are better referred to a hospital not decided . The pregnant woman unconscious , Medical Park Hospital in Elazig sent immediately . Pre-condition of the patient with information about the physician , the injured mother while all the preparations made ​​.
mother and baby clung to life
hospital soon be operated mothers Fly, head in 3 fractures underwent an operation and did not wake up to 45 days . Waking up for days because of the increased danger to life of the mother of the baby was thought to be a few times . However , woke up 45 days and 85 days in intensive care after being taken out of life the baby's mother was abandoned . Learning to walk and talk again , remembering the time he spent in the hospital with their mothers , were discharged after 3 months the doctor put the name of'Muhammad Salih'named their babies brought into the world . 7-month-old Mohammed Saleh a new life with the mothers Ozlem Ucar, he can not remember anything that the son live with hold because they were very happy , he said.
\" FUNERAL we had hoped for \"< br/> If Irfan Ucar , who lived about the father , while waiting for his wife's funeral, said that faced with double happiness . Irfan Ucar, \"My wife three months pregnant normal controls to move the van rides . Hospital in front of the van while the vehicle is moving . At that time, one foot in the van , and the other is in place for the head-dropping , head curb after being struck in the skull three different fracture occurs. First intervention in Muş in the hospital are doing and the situation is very critical because Elazig are inclined , \"he said .
from Mush Elazig , while his wife 1 percent survive even hope that specifies whether the father Fly, \"We even death we agreed . Elazığ a hospital came 45 days with no eyes did not open . every thing to accept, today, tomorrow, the funeral we had hoped for . 45 days later I woke up , once its started to come . once again fell ill , intensive care lay a total of 85 days I stayed there . same new born child seemed . Doctors also my wife again , speaking, walking , including everything from scratch to teach told us that , \"he said .
\" son's NAME DOCTOR put our hope to get \"
spouse severity of my condition is how many times because of a thought of taking the baby , but the doctor stated that the father of the late vas Fly, \"God has smiled upon us and our doctors were very trying , my wife became healthy . Our son was born in a healthy way . Take care of all the doctors in the hospital , but doctors have Güneri place apart was the brain . One night I dreamed doctor Güneri Bey . In the dream, I'll put the name of his son Güneri teacher said. When I wake up the dream came to my mind telling my doctor I went next door and the dream I wanted to put his son's name . He also gave his name to our son Mohammed Saleh . After that we had a new home . Our baby was not a problem . We had some trouble on my wife . Had trouble walking . We have had problems in the arm . Platinum also not installed , will begin physical therapy . This situation also thank God , \"he said .
Medical Park Elazığ Hospital Intensive Care Specialist Specialist Dr. Guner Atal while ,\"28-year-old patient , our craving Fly, from Mush from the vehicle during a fall on referral to our hospital came . Our unconscious patients who have received emergency surgery . Was unconscious for 45 days , did not wake up . The baby is three months pregnant and wanted to get a few times but then he began to arrive in 45 days to get the baby gave up . Treated very carefully about 85-90 days we stayed in the intensive care unit . Life-threatening to mother and baby that survived a period of time , remove it from the intensive care ward and then discharged've followed . Ends of a pair of children was born in a healthy way . My father came to me , he saw me in a dream and asked me to put his son's name . I gave the name to his son Muhammad Salih , \"he said .

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