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  • 02 Eylül 2013, Pazartesi 08:12

Why Obama's decision which ensures!

Why Obama's decision which ensures!
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U.S. President Barack Obama's decision to seek approval from Congress surprised at the last minute.

Obama's decision to Congress

surprised the world.
"Congress does not vote in the bag"
Dempsey, Sticky Thread"Delay not risk military intervention in Syria" Obama's decision became final count

to punish the Syrian regime used chemical weapons on the grounds that the Eastern Mediterranean massing USA President Barack Obama 's decision to seek approval from Congress surprised the world at the last minute.

According to experts, the Congress attacked the check

but may vote"in the bag"but. reflected in the U.S. media, according to comments President Barack Obama, Congress leaders, although there is a demand for the Congress to approve the decision to campaign in Syria wanted to give the world a lesson in democracy. Obama at a time when the majority of the people of the United States against operation "the world's oldest constitutional demokrasisiyiz. I want to allow the use of force for the representatives of the American people" he said.

columnists in the United States Obama's decision some Sticky Thread"amateurism"he nitelese in The New York Times, Sticky Thread"The president, members of parliament, took his own cage" he wrote. According to Hurriyet , the attack of chemical weapons in Syria chewed now the responsibility of the red line, Congress. Congress, the bill offered by the Obama administration in Syria in violation of international norms, which threaten the interests of the security of the Middle East and the United States recorded.

HARD but not impossible

'Tezkere'nin if approved, Obama would have won an important victory in Congress for the first time. This is possible, but it is hard to be president. TIME magazine, there are three main reasons for this is:

1-Sticky Thread intervention in Syria, the United States does not support the people. MPs Bashar al-Assad in U.S. policy, but looking at their own voters. The House of Representatives election in the air continuously.

2- Obama is currently dominated by the Democratic members of Congress are not even. is the worst president in recent years between the Congress. Congress in recent years did not compromise any critical issue.

3-months of war against Libya despite the political pressures of the House of Representatives of all regulatory approvals had not . Moreover, it was decided that a parliamentary discussion on the UNSC while the war before the war had already begun.

walked 45 minutes

U.S. President Barack Obama on Friday evening for a final decision on Syria at 18.00 Denis McDonough, White House chief of the yard with a 45-minute walk from the White House did.

Chiefs protested

19.00 Oval Office had sought ' e called, announced that it is to consult with Congress on attack. started a heated debate which lasted two hours. Some unnamed advisers protested.

Telephone traffic

Obama gave the decision. That night, Vice President Joe Biden, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel and John Kerry, including the Minister of Foreign Affairs had sought called leading. Sticky Thread All three supported the decision.

assured Dempsey

morning of the day before Obama Situation Room of all national security advisers gathered. Some members of Obama's"withdrawal"because of the"bemused."According to CNN, the two-hour meeting, the Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey, Sticky Thread"Delay not risk military intervention in Syria" Obama's decision became final and the count made public the same day.

Sticky Thread Sticky

difficult arithmetic

Congress on September 9 intervene in Syria is expected to vote on the draft will not be easy to go through. According to the latest survey of the Pew 56 percent of Republicans, Democrats, 46 percent of the support the operation. The Senate seems relatively easy, more difficult to work the House of Representatives. Republican Senator Rand Paul ,"50 percent likelihood of rejection of the Assembly If the Senate wants to give Obama" he said. Peter King, the Republican nominee Sticky Thread"Today is probably yapılsa voting 'no' interest ' he said. 140 senators, military intervention by law without the approval of the President of Congress wrote a letter defending the decision could not.

Sticky Thread Sticky

Sticky Thread Sticky

Assad:Against güçteyiz put

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, the Obama 's the first time yesterday, following the announcement said. Assad speech broadcast on state television,"the Syrian intervention, such as the inner face every day, all kinds of power to resist external intervention. U.S. threat of war against terrorism, stop, or change the principles of Syria. We will continue to run one victory."

Why Obama's decision which ensures!" comments for.


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