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  • 07 Temmuz 2014, Pazartesi 17:24

Widening Field of Corn Compulsory

Widening Field of Corn Compulsory
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Animal feed producers complained about the very high priced Isparta Cattle Breeders'Association stating that the President Hasan Hüseyin Özdemir, other inputs for producers stressed that it is at a reasonable level .

Isparta news: Today a sack oath 50-55 pounds sold from the manufacturer that this price per , by land passing recording is not possible Ozdemir, \"GM crops was said. Eating time has come. Then exchange rate rose said. Eating was raised . Exchange rate fell , but feed prices decline was . producer works but has gained eating is giving . We only problem for feed prices high , \"he said .
corn cultivation areas should be increased
manufacturer's expectation in food prices is setback Özdemir , feed support in the absence said that jeopardizes the manufacturer . Corn planting areas in case of increasing feed prices pulled down could save Ozdemir, \"Manufacturers such as corn cultivation areas need to increase . Isparta in corn silage production is minimal. A sense of livestock fate corn acreage due to an increase ,\"he said .
EUROPE the ONE aNIMAL give hay to the unknown
Hay crisis has been mentioned , and so last year, hay imports came on the agenda reminiscent Ozdemir, \"Hay importation is not the solution . Today's modern livestock production animals in the hay is not high-quality roughage should give . Nowadays, the most profitable livestock are made this way . Today in Europe the manufacturer animals hay stops . silage is fed. We , on the contrary straw are giving . this is also a great wrong . remaining zero . for that reason, the solution corn acreage increase . States also corn production support to increase even 3-4 times more than you need to support , \"he said .

Widening Field of Corn Compulsory" comments for.


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