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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 09:50

Will Preference European Turkey Turkey for the Holidays

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Europeans would prefer Turkey for their holiday in Turkey this year, will leave for Turkey in exchange of 3.5 billion euros was mentioned .

İstanbul news: Photo ceiling according to a survey conducted in August and September this year, the European Turks are staying an average of four weeks in Turkey. Now the Turks who come to visit their families only , especially Antalya, Bodrum Aegean and Mediterranean regions such as hotels go to spend their vacation there . European forms of Istanbul is Turkey's most popular holiday place.
< Strong> DESPITE THE CRISIS from GURBETÇİLER GENEROUS EUROPEAN Photo expenditure of Turkish tourists from Europe , were decreased in the crisis year. The average expenditure per person in the year 2011 1.200 expatriates per capita spending of tourists who fell to around Euro 2013 Euro 1170 . Europeans are Turks , their expenses while on vacation in Turkey is expected to rise in 2014 to 1,320 euros. Photo 3 billion 464 thousand euros are expected to spend holidays in Turkey during the European Turkey in 2014. In 2012, 1.8 million people of Turkish tourists visiting Turkey by 1,980 billion Euro exchange income was obtained . From Germany in 2013, up 5.1 million came German tourists stated that , in recent years come to Turkey and the mean starting time of 17 days , which he spent at most 660 euros of German , European Turkey was determined spends 1,320 euros , doubling this figure. Photo according to the report , the European Turks are doing a lot more spending than foreign and German tourists in Turkey.

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