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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 10:44

Winter fruits and vegetables to protect them from disease

Winter fruits and vegetables to protect them from disease
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Malnutrition during the winter, our bodies against vitamin and mineral deficiency diseases weakening our immune system and causes weakening.

Aydın news: Photo Dietitian Can Aksoy , recommend the consumption of winter vegetables for us to strengthen our immune system healthy winter . Winter protection from disease and indicating the A and vitamin C to strengthen the defense that you need to consume enough Aksoy , \"Winter vegetables and fruits are very rich in terms of this vitamin. Oranges , tangerines , grapefruit, carrots , kiwi, cauliflower, cabbage , broccoli, Brussels sprouts, parsley, cress, vegetables and plants such as spinach and are the richest sources of vitamin C . Salad and must contain absolute in our vegetable dish main meals a day, we should pay attention to consume 2-3 servings of seasonal fruits , \"he said .
fRUITS DE should be consumed explaining Photo of vegetables daily form the diet of our vitamins and minerals Aksoy, \"vegetables in our daily sediment need when we use the table in our meals and salads we will help you to be met . the regular consumption on a daily basis Posada as ensures regular bowel activity also helps reduce blood fat . Vegetables that prevent damage to our cells and thus of the items are also rich in antioxidants that protect us against chronic diseases. In particular, we need to consume the fruit source of vitamins regularly. Instead drink squeeze the juice of the fruit to consume solid allows us to benefit more from vitamin C , \"he said . Noting that a serious connection between the mode of feeding with Photo Seasons Al,\"food that we need according to the nature seasons offer us . Vegetables are much more diversified compared to the summer season. Leek , cauliflower, spinach , cabbage, Brussels sprouts, celery, broccoli are the vegetables fall , \"he said.

Winter fruits and vegetables to protect them from disease" comments for.


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