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  • 11 Kasım 2014, Salı 11:27

Winter Material Aid to Syria

Winter Material Aid to Syria
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Osmangazi Municipality Relief and Charity Association, which includes assistance in a variety of materials to be delivered food and clothing to the needy in Syria's civil war that has sent the truck .

Bursa news: Photo Osmangazi Municipality and prepared by the Association of Charity Humanitarian aid Duck truck then hit the road with prayer ceremony in front of the Cultural Center. That they do serious support for the Syrian Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dundar, \"Turkey is helping people in Syria is very sensitive about sending . Both as a state , as well as organize outreach campaign in order to heal the wounds of the municipalities and civil society organizations ,\"he said . < Br/> living Osmangazi Municipality as well in Syria , as well as the President reminded that they are helping those who seek refuge refuge in Turkey to escape the persecution Dundar, \"We found last year, goes to church to help those who are in there refugee camps. Yet aid for Syrian orphans in the past days in the same way we have sent trucks . Finally, last week, our Turkmen citizens in Hatay 3 GB We deliver the full aid. Today blanket in for citizens in need in the region of Idlib , where the sponge and bedroom as well as a variety of food materials we help remove the path of the truck . we want blood and oppression there a moment ago. People are living in peace in their own homes in their own homeland. Turkey in a working example at this point , \"he said . Photo Charity Relief Society Bursa Branch chief Mohammed Bostan also said that they conducted in coordination with the campaign to help the Red Crescent , \"from Bursa as an association 7 , Turkey is the overall 63 aid TR'I've sent . Today started out aid in trucks Aleppo will be sent out to our needy citizens who are in Latakia and Idlib region. Between relief supplies , blankets, so we are in the winter months , various food materials as well as sponges and bed , \"he said .

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