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  • 30 Aralık 2013, Pazartesi 14:42

Winters Arrivals Emergency Attention

Winters Arrivals Emergency Attention
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First aid in the correct known false, does not save a person's soul from death heightens the opposite.

Ankara news: First aid in the correct known false, does not save a person's soul from death heightens the opposite. Ankara
Acibadem Hospital Emergency Service Assoc. Dr.. Serkan Sener, first aid, correct known false due to the influence of many people's accident outside the barracks, noting that more might be harmed and gave information about emergencies. Assoc. Dr.. Doctor, cold injuries caused most of the body exposed parts or limbs pointed out that,"Exposure to heat, wind speed, tight clothes, shoes and circulation restricting other reasons, fatigue, poor diet, alcohol and drug use severity of the injury increases the reason is one,"he said .
skin temperature drops to 25 degrees Assoc expressing tissue metabolism is slowing down. Dr.. Doctor said:
"Lack of oxygen in those areas in purple appearance (cyanosis) causes. Skin temperature to 15 degrees when it drops tissue metabolism significantly deteriorates. Cold tissues cause of death tissue blood circulation, lack of (ischemia) and small veins of the clot is. Freezing (frosbit A) skin temperature -10 0C to drop up is the result. Facts freezing point of access to the cold in the skin burns similar to that seen edema and bubbles (vesicles and bullae) occurs. Heat loss even if it takes a freezing point reached if the dull (frosbit) is formed."
Assoc. Dr.. Doctor, is about the symptoms of frostbite,"Don region (hands, feet, nose) before flushing begins; gradually develop pain; frost hardens the region, last circuit consists of a loss of feeling,"he said. First responders providing information about
Assoc. Dr.. Doctor,"Rings, watches, bracelets as jewelry quickly remove it. Frozen bodies flame, fire should be kept. Frozen portions to reheat the excessive hot water are not introduced. Massage to do and rub the delicate tissues more damage for the opener is not recommended. Patient cold and wet environment away from the . Dry and wool cloth that body wrap. Inflatable against this body hold up. feet in the freezing if you have never execution. Persons stretcher or back board must be carried. warm your hands or with your breath affected area heating try. necessary hug. 112 by calling the patient Deliver to the ER as soon as possible,"he said. HYPOTHERMY

also gives information about hypothermia Assoc. Dr.. Doctor said:
"Usually for long term cold exposure comes from. Hypothermia usually rain, wind, snow or cold water exposure by such factors is triggered. Too long for a cold if you are exposed, your body's defense mechanism more heat losing your attempts to prevent. shaking starts and the other organs of your temperature at normal levels to keep you work. Skin blood flow is reduced and heat to create the hormones are secreted. the body's energy is exhausted, and if the internal body temperature 30 0C is under hypothermia, a life-threatening dimensions reach. particular child age group, older people and can not be easily Patients with hypothermia are more susceptible. Symptoms; person's skin crawling, bristles steepening, tingling and whimper in the skin, coldness and paleness, feeling loss, fatigue, lethargy, drowsiness and solidify symptoms such as is seen. Such a case is to prevent freezing for the patient sugary something warm to drink and eat should. frost danger to the person who thick clothes have to be worn, over the thick vegetation with should be covered. Persons certainly sedated should not be warm in the room should be kept and after a while the room temperature gradually be increased. definitely but certainly more than one person should be put into a warm room, drinking alcoholic beverages should, and should not be rubbed with snow body massage should not be done."
"Carbon monoxide gas, natural gas, gas oil, petrol, bottled gas, coal and wood structures such as carbon in the fuel contained incomplete combustion of the resulting smoke contained in is a poisonous gas. tasteless, colorless, odorless and non-irritating feature of the lack of due recognition because the insidious killer might be called"the Professor . Dr.. Doctor, symptoms and first aid related information as follows:
"Symptoms include headache, tiredness and fatigue, feeling, nausea, dizziness, loss of consciousness. First to intervene before their workspace you to endanger the situation recover. Environment fan affected or who have been poisoned move you can to fresh air. ever immediatley 112 Ambulance call. patient's plenty of oxygen it will receive. patient 100 percent oxygen will be needed to do these opportunities will be provided to a hospital transplant provide. home that door or window slightly ajar to leave. In this way, clean air flow can be achieved and the environment of carbon even if the poisoning can result in death may be seen disappear. legs cleaned regularly make sure. before bed at night the stove off completely make sure. Koval stove if you use slaked coal bucket full house out of the. Bathrooms and kitchen water outside of the tube that you use to heat your home should be."

Winters Arrivals Emergency Attention" comments for.


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