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  • 13 Ekim 2014, Pazartesi 15:12

Wise people in the shadow of provocation Kopani Assess Process Solutions

Wise people in the shadow of provocation Kopani Assess Process Solutions
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Chairman of the Board of the Black Sea Region Wise People , Karadeniz Technical University ( KTU), Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences Department of Public Administration Constitutional Law Lecturer and Vice-Chancellor Prof. KTU

Trabzon news: Dr. Joseph Alexis Hakyemez solution process to sabotage those who want Kobani'yi very seriously as leverage , he said.
Hakyemez of the solution in its own course will continue , but 10 years is an ongoing problem beer resolved on standby would be wrong , he said.
Kopani about the provocation of the pointed out that the Hakyemez , UAV to reporters, said:\"Kopani in Turkey for a real provocation was . experienced ones today after a more robust assessment can do . indeed, provocation , giving rise later in the resulting suffering of the table as a result very clearly expressed , although the also regretted that the speeches between the lines had expressed were . Here ,'we protested structure ,'he said ,'close , tear down'did not say .'just down the street Taking your reaction show ,'he said . Unfortunately, these events protesting the match took place. this is my opinion, but many people thinking the same thing . Kobani'yi citing those who want to sabotage the process of solution , the solution process in a very serious way against those who have used it as leverage . In acts of vandalism were directed at the masses . Actors in support of the solution process after this aspect of the business after seeing the loss of life , especially after seeing that 30 is expressed in the fact that such a conclusion where they stated they do not want . Unfortunately, along with the explanations that have made contributions they have given . Solution for those who want to sabotage the process gave primary . Is it possible to see political actors ? I think that is not possible , you already see them as political actors , which may need to be prudent persons . Otherwise, you do not have politics . Unfortunately, so here HDPE in front and responsibilities did not test well on them is considerable . With regard to the Republic of Turkey because they do Kopani all know that public opinion in Turkey and all over the world , you see . Kobani'nin the Republic of Turkey, which is the biggest support , \"he said .
prudent policy of Turkey indicating that followed Hakyemez \"1989 peshmerga open the door , as in the example here was like . Kobani'nin children , the elderly, almost all of them came to Turkey . There was only conflict there . Turkey's entry into the conflict was need ? I think it would not have , because it seems to me prudent policy of the Republic of Turkey here watching. Because for many years the truth about Syria argues that the fact that Turkey is in the process but unfortunately, the Republic of Turkey at the beginning of the US business left alone. Now in Syria, the United States should loose policies , both short-Iraq Isidor gave rise to the emergence of terrorist organizations such as . As a result, the emerging problem in extracting the Republic of Turkey have an idea as put there . The Republic of Turkey's army , soldiers , our young people to enter it can cause very serious problems . We go in there and our fight has no meaning . But there need of the Republic of Turkey has opened its arms to people who are in a difficult situation . In addition to over a million refugees from Syria from Iraq already had . Now Kobani'nin from the door was opened , \"he said .
Solution process is a serious problem for the solution of a process initiated stated that the Hakyemez ,\"In the next stage of Turkey governments state that a state policy in the form of trying to execute the . Resolution process , which was launched for the solution of a serious problem is a process. The three-day activity and is not a process that can be solved . This process continues on its own course . This process will continue in this way again, I believe. But here are the actors decision-makers of the Republic of Turkey , is the authorities . Therefore, the government here in what way where when how much it would take steps to decide on . Such ought to be this incident all the nudity with the merits showed us , \"he said .
Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's solution Hakyemez evaluating explanations about the process , said:
\"Mr. President at the opening of the new academic year at the university told me about the new Turkey . New Turkey is an important issue resolution process . After the solution process now that old debate that Turkey does not want to live the old life losses . New Turkey, is a new perspective . Looking to citizens as individuals with freedom , it brings to the fore . At the same time keeping stability in the forefront . Of course, there are those who are offended by this . Because the blood , terror nemalananlar there . Therefore, there are those who are aiming to return to the old days again . Here , Mr. President , the government had a similar idea expressed in the media, as far as I would reverberate . Meetings and demonstrations in response to demonstrate beyond a democratic trowel, use violence against law enforcement officers in a different way than the new regulations that will be subject to sanctions had to be done . Point that really bothers people . So Is that a democratic reaction , or is it something else ? This is officially a vandalized the form of a looting occurred and who can express a thousand buildings were burned, and destroyed. This is a serious loss of wealth . Over 30 casualties to be a very bad thing. Solutions begin the process until the time that there was no loss of life in any way . 30 on the basis of loss of life is a serious consideration , so it seems to me of giving rise to them within the limits of the law foresaw the need to be severely punished . This situation is like that in a democratic country standards . Here you have to accept violence as a democratic demonstration . This latest incident was revealed by all the nudity . There is no longer a task of political will . This task ; trowel, made ​​for law enforcement officers or aggressive attitudes against persons of the most heavily punished within the law foresees that the standards . However, as soon as the relevant legal changes made ​​, these issues need to be tolerated . It is possible to see in various countries . Tolerances are certain things that will be displayed . If you do not accept too heavy criticism can be tolerated , after being insulted . But you rights of others gasp in a way that a person's right to life and to eliminate the way, the people , the public's property damages to give to intervene if public order seriously threatened , if disturbing here if it's a democratic demonstration is not obvious. Here the government's legislation for a moment before should do . \"
\" Kopani neither the first nor will be the last \"
solution process to sabotage those who want Noting that Hakyemez ,\"the solution process started since then solutions have people who want to sabotage the process , there are fractions . Also available in the separatist terror organization . Therefore, these fractions opportunities when it comes to the time and place are trying to utilize as much as possible , will work . Therefore, it is possible to interpret in a very different way . I wonder Fitr and CSM are Ocalan did takeout ? Indeed, after the events in the form of letters of Ocalan's statements towards more dialogue was passed . Later on, Mr. Demirtas unfortunately delayed to do before making a discreet conversation later revealed in a sense the weight of Ocalan . What is important here is the stability of the solution process . Solution stability in the process of our state authorities it is important to express clearly . We will not sacrifice the solution process as to what happened , Mr. President , Mr. Prime Minister in the government officials also are told . We see them important . Resolution process will proceed on its own course , but this problem is a problem area for almost 10 years . Therefore this problem in a very short time to wait one year or is not true. Those who want to sabotage this problem being solved, those who want to go back to the old days at the earliest opportunity as possible will try to use this format for the response . State's duty is to give them the opportunity . Its deterrent to legal regulations in the useful \"he said .
\" constructive language we should use \"
Solution process began last 1.5 years, so the loss of life there , that no attention Hakyemez \"we have not had loss of life due to terrorism 1.5-2 years . The most recent street protests due to events casualties was Kopani . Solution process is really how useful have seen on this occasion . One day we could hear the loss of 30 lives . Within a period of 10 days immediately after the second this much of a loss of life was going . Not experienced such a loss of life for a long time . Hopefully a more uninhabitable. Resolution process has contributed to the lack of such casualties . The previous statement was criticized Mr. Demirtas . This statement is false , especially the loss of life as a result of the emergence of many different sectors were expressed more clearly by . Solutions for the next step in the process of political actors, political actors in both the BDP line do not pay attention to this kind of statement is required. Because such statements spark can ignite and cause negative consequences can be very serious . So the new political actors in Turkey, then spell it , including the BDP line is supposed to be a very different attitude . Makers need to use a language , you need to act within the limits of a more democratic . Now people in the East and in the West in any way to burn , does not destroy the primary . It also perhaps in the eyes of the public sympathy for different segments can significantly impair \"he said.

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