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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:08

With CUDA Mustafa Seven Street Photography

With CUDA Mustafa Seven Street Photography
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Many years we have become accustomed to seeing photographs in newspapers and magazines Photographers Mustafa Seven, Cukurova University (CU) Faculty of Fine Arts at the invitation of the Department of Textile and Fashion Design came to Adana.

Adana news: Photo sharing app winning worldwide fame with the photo published in Instagram'ın Mustafa Seven , \"Street Photography\"has shared their experience . Photo Cukurova University as Fine Arts Faculty of Textile and edit the Fashion Design Department \"Street Photography by Mustafa Seven \"on interviews Aquifer Gansu was held at the Conference Hall. the share acquired knowledge with participants from
personal experience Mustafa Seven , said the photographer is rather a lifestyle than a job. indicating that necessarily take a camera next to the photo street every exit Mustafa Seven , street photography \"is a great story from one area to run to tell a single square of a small piece \"by defining \"If here set off a small section of a moment of ice cream can not be repeated street photography''he said .
PLACE oF PERCEPTION LIMITS Photo experienced wait for him that without major intervention and when the moment came at the right time , indicating that the task of Seven press the shutter button street photographer , also gave examples from his experience . Mustafa Seven , stating that a certain space of street photography, and not limitation , the venue also drew attention to the immensity of perception. Photo Invisibility , the photographed person of reviewers to be disturbed as a prohibitive factor Seven, \"quality of communication will be established by the street photographer at the same time also affects the invisibility principle . to take the photo you do not bother people , that you must also be foreign to the area for it ; people are recognized as a state of extraordinary your presence there. at the same time street photographer , time/space regardless of the difference must be ready all the time variability of the light , \"he said . < br/> QUESTIONS aND OBSERVATIONS tHE MOST IMPORTANT , which advises the amateur photographer Photo Interview Mustafa Seven , \"the most important aspect of street photography is curious and observant. it will also do this job the person has become synonymous with the street , an integral part of street life must be seen. Only in this way the story loaded meaning to pictures taken are completed , \"he said. photo Cukurova University Faculty of Fine Arts students as well as photographic art to interested many scholars and students watched with interest as \"Street Photography \"at the interview , Mustafa Seven ended by answering questions from participants.


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