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  • 26 Aralık 2013, Perşembe 10:01

With his own blood to Hair Loss Last

With his own blood to Hair Loss Last
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Adana news: Dr.. Mehmet Faruk Yavuz, separated by a special process from the person's own blood plasma rich in platelets, play an important role in the repair of damaged hair follicles, he said.
Yavuz said that the world, in all societies, social and cultural aspects of hair is important, he said. Faced with hair loss themselves physically and spiritually weak start to see someone explaining Yavuz, these people said that physicians should apply. Yavuz, hair roots weakness and hair thinning complaint relating to the latest treatment methods is one of the PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) hair therapy, suggesting the person's own blood with a special process the separated platelets rich plasma, damaged hair follicles repair plays an important role, he said. Dr.. Yavuz said :"PRP treatment obtained in these platelets to the scalp by applying the damaged hair follicles, repair, regeneration and proliferation triggers. Thus PRP weakened and even feathers started to become a hair wire, with die away to keep the hair follicles to revive former helps in restoring the health of the hair."

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