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  • 05 Eylül 2014, Cuma 10:35

With the new school Parents to Support Charter

With the new school Parents to Support Charter
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In September , the school summer holidays for students who return time.

İzmir news: In September , the school summer holidays for students who return time. In Turkey, for elementary school-age child is 1 million 300 thousand is the beginning of a new life . In particular, pre-school children's adaptation to school without experience could be prolonged attention of experts has warned mothers and fathers . Yaşar University Department of Psychology Asst . Assoc. Dr. Tamarisk Basaran, \"My mother and father of your children this process, circumvent the greatest support came from you ,\"he said .
In recent years as the first classes this year to school buying process as part of a week ago, on September 8 school on Monday will begin . However, for a child who has never been to school before this time might be insufficient attention Asst. Assoc. Dr. Tamarisk Basaran mothers and fathers following recommendations found in:
\"kindergarten or pre-school experience in children with adaptation process is adequate, though previously never been to school a child adaptation period of a week can pass . Mothers and fathers of the children of this process, circumvent the largest great supporters should be. their case is ready to be necessary . Hence the problems encountered previously identify coping strategies enhancements have . Vacation post back to school can be difficult , and children's anxiety levels may increase. Excessive be related or unrelated to treat children's emotional state will affect . Especially a a new school , new teachers , new classmates are concerned your child may increase anxiety levels . Naturally concerns will affect learning . \"
each that the rate of development of the child's unique underlines Basaran, children of parents with the classroom teacher must share the properties , he said. Basaran, \"Although the same age group who are developmentally similar characteristics if they show the no child of each other are not the same . Each child's pace of development peculiar happens . School education in target Considering most children reach these goals will be . However, some children these goals later , some earlier reach . educational goals with schools, all students realize their potential can develop appropriate experience will offer . you parents and your children early education opportunities , providing a healthy diet while taking note of and provide a safe environment and can contribute . this is your educational process, active participation with your achieved. Moreover children's properties with teacher share. each child's home life is different, but the child at home continue to learn . family and friends along with a protected learning environment is provided, thinking, feeling and understanding capacity will increase. Consequently, mothers and fathers of children with schools relationship with the children's specifics with the classroom teacher share and their teachers receive feedback , \"he said .
-your children tell stories of their listen to the stories told .
-Read your children books , allows you to read books .
-your children's curiosity . Because curiosity, independent mobility , collaboration and sustained attention in children is the foundation of learning approaches . These properties only in schools acquisition expectations instead of parents to wonder , encouraging them to ask questions , allowing assignments to do , helping use their imagination by providing and make discoveries by letting them to children's development can contribute .
Yasar University Assistant Head of Department of Food Processing . Assoc. Dr. Spirit is the love of Uzel quick and healthy lunchbox for students offered suggestions as follows:
milk and milk products group:Box milk, buttermilk , yogurt, and cheese in a bag you can put single-serve breakfast . Buttermilk, yogurt, cheese-like food must be kept in good storage conditions .
meat-egg-and-dried leguminous group:Boiled eggs and contain high amounts of protein as well as a feeling of fullness for a long time is a good choice in terms of making . Prepared for the sandwich salami, sausages and meat products with high instead of putting additives prepare at home , do not place the meatballs will be more nutritious . If your child wants to eat them once a week may be included. Cooked on the grill instead of frying in oil , which should be preferred .
Group of vegetables and fruits:Vegetables and fruits should be washed well to do . Fruits and vegetables chopped after every elapsed time for the vitamin loss and because lunchbox with one piece should be placed .
Bread and cereals group:Bread and outside the child's menu bored out there sold foods tend not to be a slice of cake , a-two-piece pie , can be placed in the bag . Foods such as potato salad or rice pilaf is more convenient to take place . Because this type of food is not healthy to stand at room temperature . Prepare your child for the sandwich on whole grain bread should be preferred.
Liquid consumption:The food groups , as well as at home as well as your child's school , you must pay attention to fluid consumption . Water should always be in the bag . Besides , among the child who drinks it acidic , and will be directed at sweetened . Instead, buttermilk box , box, box of milk or pure fruit juices lunchbox will take place in a more healthy choices .
number of pre-school students:1 million 100 thousand
Elementary 1st grade students beginning:1 million 285 thousand 199
number of primary and secondary school students:11 million
general high number of students:3 million
vocational and technical high school students:2 million 500 thousand

With the new school Parents to Support Charter" comments for.


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