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  • 09 Kasım 2014, Pazar 19:12

With Torque Konyaspor Trabzonspor won Morale Finds

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Trabzonspor Vice Bonnavay coach Jacques said that should rise slowly to where the team deserves.

Trabzon news: Photo match press conference , Trabzonspor Vice coach Jacques Bonnavay , the team's slow-deserved place to noting that the rise , \"It was evening involve different situation. For us also it was not easy for the players. Perhaps this is why the game again we did not start well . But I congratulate you again here players. we have raised this evening's victory team 12 points . this team needs to rise to slowly rightful place . Everything was not foolproof tonight . But it could also be argued that many things are positive . we have created a very opportunity . Mehmet's also returned two balls the post. we live in a world full of so much emotion. that's why players congratulate again. they managed to get underneath the emotions they reflect this game and 3 points to able to fuck . as Trabzonspor supporters of the French team in continuing to follow edeceğiz.lokeren 3 days later we played our game on our own home. Some things were caused by fatigue. I'm glad you understand my own , \"he said . Photo Bonnevay , in association with the departure of the team used the following expressions. \"We were happy here. We were very happy many of us . We had a good day. But it was a decision . We have to respect this decision. We try to do our best . Football life in this way , sometimes that's not easy ,\"he said .
KONYASPOR WALL Photo Torque Konyaspor coach Aykut huge, stating that they go to a competition they work direction finding , \"Self was one of the matches on our behalf direction we are trying to find. 1 or 3-point gain , especially on behalf of the climb up would be most helpful to us . this we went to the consciousness field . goal also we find it a great advantage for us. we did not take the match was passable . However, the first end with the ball from the penalty Trabzonspor completely pushed into the game. the biggest problem is that was our not give shit money in the same way a rising rhythm. 2. again tomorrow early into us match goals, we take he put in a strong way . But we could not find a third goal in these moments . they managed to take the lead from the middle of Cardozo's header Bosingwa scored his master work and did not reveal too much power to give in return . For us it was an important match for us to find our rhythm in the league , obviously . We failed to do so . Maybe a step or two behind, we will try to capture the same rhythm , \"he said . If a question relating to the objectives of the Photo League big, \"whether we intend to be able to dispose of troublesome situations relatively moderate rises to the top group. Can achieve this towards the end of the first half , I do not know if we can, but for the first 8-group , we aim for this year, \"he said .
\" EVERYONE clean up EVERYONE TO KİRLİYİZ \"Photo of a press officer, referring to the handicapping process , \"how do you evaluate you for cheering on the bleachers of Malum process ?, what do you attribute remains empty. May be related to this process? \"Answering the question in the form of huge following N said: Photo \"I do not want to give too much response to reactions of the Tribune . I must say that is not true. I do not want to give too many answers because we are professionals and sometimes our feelings , though , seems to have the benefit of some of the things we throw our inner describing our thoughts . But it's not true, is not pleasant . We insanlarıyız of this country. Everyone was so clean, so kirliyiz everyone . Everyone needs to do this confrontation . The second side of the bleachers empty. There are a number of applications this year , maybe so , but I think you mean that the impact of this period very well known so your period. Everyone sees the damage it somehow . Looks like to see. Anyway, keep it up \"in the last part of the Photo Match against Trabzonspor fans were Aykut huge , \"sketchs Aykut , \"he chants .

With Torque Konyaspor Trabzonspor won Morale Finds" comments for.


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