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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 16 Temmuz 2013, Salı 11:41

Without graduating Master's Degree

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a new educational model to be applied to realize for the first time in Turkey, Yasar University offers undergraduate students the opportunity to graduate without graduating.

Yaşar University Rector. Dr. Murat Barkan opened before the 2013-2014 academic year and programs provide students with new innovations will be announced to the public. Yasar University Vice-Chancellor Prof. meeting. Dr. Ali Nazim Sözer, Yasar University, Dean of the Faculty of Art and Design. Seeing Cloud, Yasar University, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering. Dr. Beam lamps, Yasar University, Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Dr. Behzat Gürkan, Secretary General participated in Fixed rare.

Master before graduating up

STATUTORY provides the right to make a new master's degree without graduating students Prof. providing information about the model. Dr. Murat Barkan, explains:

'Yaşar'da to be applied for the first time in Turkey, Yasar University faculty graduates according to the model, if they wish, they ve'Tezsiz Master ales and such additional liability Programı'nı'tercih graduates can continue their education in graduate and Üniversiteden'Master derecesi'ile refactoring may be. This privilege is taking advantage of the possibility of vertical transmission of Higher Vocational School in any faculty also apply to students who have completed undergraduate studies. '

Which areas can be done graduate

importance both academia and the business world a great opportunity for students who wish to begin graduate studies in the academic year 2013-2014, offering, primarily Institute of Science in Actuarial Science, Computer Engineering, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Business Administration Engineering, Architecture, Interior Architecture, Mathematics will be implemented. Accordingly, the 4th grade students of Faculties of Science and Social Sciences Institutes Yasar University on the opportunity to catch all the main branches of science graduate. Depending on the state scholarships to these students be able to continue the success of graduation.

International Law Center opens

Yasar University Vice-Chancellor Professor

. Dr. Nazim Ali Yasar University in September, an on-site the next Sözer International Law Center announced that they would operate. Applied to the first years of our country, thanks to the central Sözer international arbitration law students tanışacaklarını with subject matter, he said.

Without graduating Master's Degree" comments for.


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