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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 19 Ekim 2014, Pazar 14:57

Woman killed by husband's funeral Imam \"helallik \"did I forget to take

Woman killed by husband's funeral Imam \
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Eskisehir, yesterday shot and killed by her husband with a shotgun at the woman's funeral prayer imam of the community \"helallik \"did you forget to take .

Eskişehir news: Imam stimulated by the community , state , realizing after the funeral prayer \"helallik \"I asked .
In the incident yesterday ; in a company as a driver working Halil K. ( 45), Independence District Two September Avenue A office building located in the offices cleaning worker working as a wife Huriye K. (40) with a colleague cheating on him on the claim that he brought with him a shotgun hitting his wife killed on his birthday . After the murder suspect attacked a security guard with a bread knife in his hand , which defused by police officers while the \"I killed my wife ,\"he shouted appeared. Suspect in the first recital in his wife himself with other men cheated , I pride yedireme home from the shotgun mop wrap went to the place that the scene to his wife for 4-5 rounds , which he said was learned.
IMAM \"helallik \" forgot to ask was
the other hand, yesterday, exactly on her birthday by her husband , who was gunned Huriye K.'s funeral, autopsy after the Eskisehir Osmangazi University Medical Faculty Hospital morgue taken from Ertuğrulgazi home neighborhood was taken to . Here helallik K. Upon receipt of Hurin's funeral, Altınev was brought to the mosque . Here, following the noon prayer during the funeral prayer imams , prayer needs to happen before \"getting helallik \"year forgetting the prayer began . After the prayer Imam , by the community \"did not take helallik ,\"he warned . Then I realized the error imams , \"helallik \"received . Huriye K.'s funeral, was buried in the village cemetery Central Akpinar .

Woman killed by husband's funeral Imam \"helallik \"did I forget to take" comments for.


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