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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 02 Ekim 2014, Perşembe 11:39

Woman Police Corporal Experts in Martyr's funeral moved to tears

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Going to work in Elazığ who were killed in a traffic accident that occurred Expert Gendarmerie killed at the funeral of Corporal Selahattin Ilhan Nurseli Ilhan's sister to comfort the woman who runs the police , burned in the face of network burst into tears .

Adana news:
in Elazığ yesterday carrying soldiers shuttle result of the overthrow of the martyrs , the Gendarmerie Specialist Corporal Selahattin Ilhan (27) funeral, Elazığ Military Hospital ceremony after the hometown of Adana brought to the military hospital morgue was made. Martyr's body today by relatives and military brass really Sabanci Central Mosque was brought to the funeral car . The body of the martyr corporal downloaded from the hearse , funeral will be held shoulder of his comrades in arms were brought to the area . Meanwhile, Jennifer and father of the martyr's mother burst into tears Ilhan Abidin . His mother tried to comfort a woman soldier . Mom and Dad \"Thanks to Homeland ,\"he said .
at the funeral of martyr sisters Lotus and Nurseli Ilhan in tears , unable to hold laments lit . Lotus relatives comforted , while Nurseli Ilhan to comfort employees Adana Police Department Community Policing Branch in charge of the 11-year police officer Tugba ancestors killed her sister's \"brother ,\"he laments burning cry against the tears . On the one hand martyrs sister's hand tightly holding Ata, on the one hand shed tears.
Martyr's father Abidin Ilhan , the 6th Mechanized Infantry Division Commander Major General Order Bahadir Corner wrapped in long cried. Kose, martyr's mother and sisters also wrapped their sorrows shared.
Adana Mufti Arif Gökçin he led the funeral prayer and then killed a Turkish flag wrapped around the coffin , guns friends shoulder top car was taken to . Funeral taken martyr's mother , father and sister also continued to walk back in tears . Meanwhile, the mother Elif Ilhan, \"the lungs of my lungs broke my lamb , homeland bless lamb , commanders bless me commanders salute brought . You're gone but commanders came . Ciğerim bye gone ,\"he laments . Then the martyr's coffin was placed in the top car . A time ball in your car taken martyr's coffin , funeral vehicle by placing the land to be given to Cementing Cemetery was taken .
Funeral Adana Deputy Governor Stopped Gencer, 6th Mechanized Infantry Division Commander Major General Order Bahadir Kose, Adana Mayor Hüseyin Oral , Public Prosecutor Ali Yeldan , Police Chief Cengiz Zeybek, heart Çelikcan Mayor and the AK Party Adana Provincial President Mahmoud Rebecca joined the new .

Woman Police Corporal Experts in Martyr's funeral moved to tears" comments for.


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