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  • 27 Kasım 2013, Çarşamba 11:23

Women are Welcomed President Ergun Sarıgöllü

Women are Welcomed President Ergun Sarıgöllü
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Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun, organizer of the City Council Women's Assembly in the ongoing 'Come to Manisa Women' project to Manisa Sarıgöllü met with women.

Manisa news: Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun, organizer of the City Council Women's Assembly in the ongoing 'Come to Manisa Women' project to Manisa Sarıgöllü met with women.
Manisa Municipality, with the support of the City Council Women's Assembly Women's organizer Come Manisa ongoing projects in this week's first leg of the women was Sarıgöllü guests. Manisa Municipality has allocated to them four female group of about 100 people came to the city bus stop Ataturk Youth Center was the first. Deputy Mayor of the ladies Nurseli Ustamehmetoğl, the City Council Women's Council President Sevil Şekercioğlu, volunteer mentors Cascade Canan Akyuz was accompanied by members of the Women's Council. Women's second stop of the Çanakkale Martyrs' Monument and the Ataturk Exhibition Hall and Manisa, Çanakkale Victory importance for our country for the historical information was given. Mevlevihane morning portion of the trip, with visits to Weeping Rock Niobe ended. Ladies Manisa Municipality Bahri Sarıtepe Youth Center At a luncheon hosted is that after the Sultan Mosque, Muradian Mosque and Saruhan Bey Tomb toured.
Sarıgöllü WOMAN other than GREAT INTEREST
Sultan Sarıgöllü hosted the tea break in the cafe at women in Manisa Mayor Cengiz Ergun also attended. Ergün President meets with applause, ladies, did I mention full of praises from him. President Ergun, primarily involved in the project because they Sarıgöllü the citizens of thanks for their"First Manisa most remote districts, one of our Sarıgöl up from coming here, and the project became a partner of you for all that I thank my grandparents their kiss. We experienced in recent years the beautiful exchange with his attack Aegean Region, the shining star of Manisa our exchange with you we wanted to share. past May Since our project within the thousands of female compatriots us in Manisa have hosted. Thanks matter they like you great thrill and delight our city visited, when they leave themselves happily greet the pleasure we lived. course our goal we made these beauties metropolitan covered all districts in our villages and towns, our well is to do. We make no distinction every point of service to take aim. because that is important Manisa province happy and peaceful in a way for them to survive is to allow. most important thing our citizens is happiness. also hard work, anyone without separating each point is equal to bringing services believe we can achieve. Fortunately Manisalı our citizens satisfied with our services is and Manisa happy to live in that they are bearing witness. Allah grant if these services it's going on. Manisamız the without distinction, beautiful services townships, villages and towns will only move to a much better spot,"he said.
"will experience variations in SARIGOL"
the Manisa Municipality's Speech every town, village and hamlet facilities within the service trying to take that expresses Mayor Cengiz Ergun,"Hopefully Sarıgölü we both metropolitan was a giant budget deserves will share. Sarıgölümüz to all points of all kinds of services'll take. Allah medical health as long as all our citizens will be happy our projects, our services will perform. you meet us on the occasion of the Municipality Our Candidate of Selcuk our brother President Necati the way out I wish you success. Sarıgöllü of all our citizens wish to say hello,"he said. President Ergun met with intense interest of women, who want to take pictures with him by the break, the meeting was immortalized. Sultan Mediterranean after the warm and friendly meeting with President Ergun farewell Sarıgöllü ladies clap again, by visiting the Ulu Mosque and Tomb Saruhan Bey continued to trip. Separated in a manner that satisfied from Manisa expressing ladies, who contributed to the project by thanking separated from Manisa.

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