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  • Eklenme Tarihi :
  • 22 Ekim 2014, Çarşamba 14:00

Women first diagnosed with Ebola in Europe was able to beat the disease

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Romero captured from the terrace of Ebola in Spain nurse, as a result of 15 days of treatment was able to beat the disease .

Madrid news:
Spanish nurses who undertake the treatment of Teresa Romero, Jose Ramon Arribas doctor , nurse their last 4 days, 4 nurses in blood test results encountered no evidence of Ebola that in Romero said. Doctor Arribas also nurses Romero's more in quarantine will not , but close examination continue to be said.
Nurse for two weeks over a period of discharge indicating that the relatives , \"Romero's treatment is going well , morale is up. Romero residual oxygen does not wear a mask and can eat , \"he said .
from Sierra Leone brought to Spain to undertake the treatment of Ebola patient while two missionaries who caught the disease Teresa Romero, a case of Ebola was first seen in Europe . Romero, Miguel Pajares missionaries assumed the treatment their doctor after leaving the room, remember that gloved hand touched his face said .

Women first diagnosed with Ebola in Europe was able to beat the disease" comments for.


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