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  • 12 Kasım 2014, Çarşamba 12:16

Women of Ashura Aliağal of cooking Tricks

Women of Ashura Aliağal of cooking Tricks
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According to the Islamic calendar , which is the tenth day of Muharram'Ashura Day'tradition, which operates in Aliaga associations and continues to be maintained with various activities organized by civil society organizations .

İzmir news: In Hussein bin Ali and his 72 people Alevi faith upon the martyrs of Karbala , the pain of the moment to order with the held of Muharram Örücü the tenth day of starting to be known as the cooked mourning soup Ashura , Aliaga , accompanied by prayers to be the beginning of wins this year as every year social peace , unity and solidarity messages were given cooked . Photo TIP: WOOD FIRE Photo Islamic traditional dessert recipes and tricks of the Assyrian culture continuing this tradition in the most effective way to draw the attention of Aliağalı Aliaga Aliaga Pir Sultan Abdal Association gave women members . This tradition lives yettik of resume they express members of the association Sultan Kebudi and Halis Lightning necessary ingredients for a delicious asure the construction was as follows:\"We are primarily Fortunately, the abundance and activity of Ashura , the symbol of sharing We wish not to more experienced this pain. Ashura , water , granulated sugar , salt, boiled wheat , chickpea, as the pulses derivatives such as beans as figs , grapes, apricots, apples , dates, peanuts, hazelnuts and cloves are added.'ll cook the dimensions of materials vary depending on the cooker or boiler . Great patience materials blended ashura's the trick ; the wood-fired oven . walnuts for decorating , almonds, hazelnuts , pomegranate, coconut, sesame seeds are added. this soup unity, togetherness and is a representation of peace. Patience requires \"Photo BASIC 12 TYPES Materials should be placed Photo PREPARATION:put a large pot wash you thoroughly cook the wheat from the previous evening . Add water to exceed the higher of wheat. Boiling water and cook until the bottom of the pot and burn off the bottom . Waited until the morning of wheat in a sealed pot that you cook . Yet apart from a rough night soak chickpeas and beans , put in water. Beans and chickpeas begin to boil in a separate pot . Once boiled beans and chickpeas add a large pot that you boiled the wheat from the previous night . Boiler full of added ingredients possible take leave to boil water on a wood fire . Do not forget to stir a hand in this process. Chopped apricots , apples and figs , grapes , peanuts, hazelnuts and cloves also add to pot . Boil for a while according to the ratio of the size and material gains received and continue to stir . Add sugar to the water began to solidify. You can increase the weight of the sugar if you want it to be a little more sugar . Continue to simmer for a while with sugar. Boiling time progresses, will the consistency of pudding thoroughly . At this point the salt and optionally soup Boil 10 minutes to add to the milk ready to serve. 12 kinds of basic materials After waiting 20 minutes at room temperature according to the request put the soup ; or dried orange peel, can be enriched with flavors like currants . On cinnamon, walnuts , coconut, sesame or forget to add pomegranate seeds .


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